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Robotic Testing You Might Not Think About

Robotic Testing You Might Not Think About

The different auto brands around the world have been testing vehicles for safety and security since the early 1930s. It might not feel that way because the seatbelts didn’t come until later, and the crumple zones even later than that, but it’s true. In the […]

Do You Have Squeaky Brakes?

Do You Have Squeaky Brakes?

Your car makes a lot of sounds and some of the higher end luxury models offer sound deadening items to help keep the noises from the road and your wheels from getting into the cabin. Unfortunately, most of the sound features don’t typically account for […]

Cruise Control Has Changed for the Better

Cruise Control Has Changed for the Better

05.12.17 - Toyota Safety Sense

Do you remember wanting a vehicle that had cruise control in it? This was meant to be a feature that helped you on the highway so that you could maintain a speed that you set and give your feet a break from having to try and maintain the speed you want. Unfortunately, and as much as we admire what cruise control has been for us, the need to have a more dynamic feature is present. Rather than having a system that simply maintains one set speed which then would require you to react to changing speeds of the vehicles around you, Toyota has developed something more.


The Safest Places to Drive in the World

Safety is important and knowing you’re not only protected by your vehicle but also by the right infrastructure and laws in the country you drive in make a huge difference for you to know you’ll have a better chance of arriving home safely. According to […]

An Integration We Can All Benefit From

Many vehicles are now being made with better safety features and more driver information systems than ever before. One of the most important improvements we have seen in the recent auto industry is the inclusion of automatic emergency braking. This has been one of those […]

Passing Along Good Habits

Toyota Makeup Video

Driving a vehicle of any size comes with an array of inherent dangers, but many of us forget this when we get behind the wheel of our vehicle and head out for the day. Not only do we forget the dangers other drivers present to us along with the possibility of road debris, weather hazards and other obstacles, we also forget that we are setting examples as drivers for those who are coming after us and will be driving our cars in the near future. (more…)