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The Urus is a Special Kind of Lamborghini

The Urus is a Special Kind of Lamborghini

When you think of the Lamborghini brand you typically think of racing around the tarmac in a supercar that’s built for speed, aerodynamics, and agility. This means you’ve got a dry day, a warm sun or some cloud cover, and you’ve got a perfect track […]

New, Small, and Fun to Drive from Genesis

New, Small, and Fun to Drive from Genesis

The newest luxury brand on the market is the Genesis brand, which is an offshoot from the Hyundai brand. While a pair of models were deleted from the Hyundai lineup to create this new brand, the first model that’s been created specifically for the Genesis […]

Pre-Owned  – Which Luxury SUV is Right for You?

Pre-Owned – Which Luxury SUV is Right for You?

It’s time to find the right vehicle for you to drive and you have several qualities to consider. When you know you want a used car, you should consider a luxury model. Your budget doesn’t need to open up for a new model, instead, look for one of the top pre-owned luxury SUVs offered on the market and have the drive you’ve been after. Here are a few that you should consider.

Great Pre-Owned Luxury SUVs for You

Lexus GX

The largest of the midsize Lexus models is the GX and with this SUV you can have the roominess you need and the power that makes sense in the middle of the SUV class. There’s room for several people to ride with you and a ton of features for you to experience the quality ride you’re looking for on the road.

Infiniti QX60

Don’t overlook the Infiniti brand when you’re looking for one of the top pre-owned luxury SUV models for the drive. This is a brand that gives you the QX60 which has the look you want, the comfort you desire, and the advanced technology to give you the drive that will make you happy on the road.

Infiniti QX70

Do you want to have an SUV that’s larger and offers you more room than the QX60? If so, the QX70 is the big brother and it will make the drive easy for you. This model is one of the largest midsize luxury SUVs for you to drive and it’s been rated as one of the top pre-owned luxury SUVs on the market today.


The smooth power of the BMW X6 makes it an exceptional choice when you’re looking for more sport and less utility in the SUV that you choose to drive. This is an incredible choice and one that offers you the athleticism and comfort that you want to experience when you head out on the road for a great drive. Get behind the wheel and enjoy this model today.

Audi Q7

Large and ready to drive, the Q7 brings you the Quattro AWD system that Audi has perfected and the size that you want when you’re ready to carry your family in one of the most comfortable cabins on the market. Take this impressive model out for a ride and let it show off what you want to experience when you have a great pre-owned luxury SUV.

Land Rover LR4

Do you want to be able to head out on the trails and into the wilderness in your area? If so, you need to take a look at the LR4 and know that this is one of the top pre-owned luxury SUVs because of its capability on the trails. Here’s a vehicle that offers you an excellent model to drive and enjoy no matter where you want to go.
Find the right one of the top pre-owned luxury SUVs for you to have the drive you’re looking for and enjoy the higher quality features and impressive capability offered today.


Bringing Back the Elegance of Large Luxury Sedan Driving

Cadillac is trying to seriously take over the luxury car industry by offering something awesome in each and every category. As part of a $12 billion investment program that will showcase eight new vehicles from now to 2020, Cadillac is heading down a bold path […]

2015 BMW 2 Series: A Small Car that Packs a Huge Punch

The old saying that “good things come in small package” is very true of the entire line of the BMW 2 Series. These cars have a great deal of power, performance and dynamics to enjoy and now for this year BMW has equipped two of […]

2015 Lexus RC: Sporty and Stylish Combine in this Luxury Sport Coupe

2015 Lexus RC

Lexus has a long and storied history of offering luxury cars at a price that many can afford. With a badge that hasn’t been known for speed and power, but rather one that offers a smooth ride, luxurious feel and more features for the money than any other, a serious sports car has been missing for quite some time. Enter in the brand new Lexus RC. The RC is a sports coupe with a fixed roof and only two doors that hasn’t been seen from the Lexus brand in well over 15 years.

The Lexus RC 350 is made to show off against the likes of the BMW 4 Series, Audi A5 and Cadillac ATS Coupe with the RC F model taking on the BMW M4 and Audi RS 5. Offering a very aggressive design and amazing luxury features the RC is a coupe that will surprise and amaze any owner with price, features, capability and power on any road. For long time Lexus lovers the look of the RC might suggest it is built on the IS platform, but it is in fact built on its own platform making it unique and all its own.


Kia… Luxury? You Bet!

The 2015 Kia K900 is the car Kia is riding into the luxury class to find a way to expand the gap from its roots as purely an economy car maker as it heads into the luxury marketplace. Expected to compete with the big boys […]

Top 10 SUVs with Great Gas Mileage

When looking for a great SUV, fuel efficiency can be very important. The cumbersome vehicles lumber down the road and in many cases doesn’t offer any fuel efficiency to speak of. When looking in the Luxury SUV class this can be even more important to […]

2015 Acura MDX: An Elegant and Stylish Crossover SUV

2015 Acura MDX

Having become a favorite among the luxury SUV drivers, the MDX rolls into 2015 offering better third row access than ever before and keeps both size and weight competitive with other SUV’s. The MDX offers a mid-sized crossover SUV size that comes in between the Infiniti QX60, Audi Q7 and the much larger Cadillac Escalade and Lexus LX. This offers owners the flexibility to handle and maneuver wherever needed as well as the size to carry passengers comfortably across three rows of seats.

Adding to the mantra of becoming a fan favorite, the MDX has become one of the most reliable vehicles on the market offering an excellent resale value to anyone who is ready to move up to the newest MDX. After being completely redone for 2014, the MDX offers no new changes for 2015 which means Acura is smart enough to know not to mess with a good thing.