Crash Testing Success for The Volvo Polestar

It’s not a surprise to think about the Polestar brand and safety. This sub brand of Volvo will offer performance and safety combined.

Strangely, the team at Polestar was a bit nervous about putting the Polestar 1 through a crash test to let us see what this vehicle could do and how it would perform for safety. You might have thought the team would view a crash test like a walk in the park with the safety record of Volvo, but that wasn’t the case.

Not Your Typical Volvo

If you’ve ever driven a Volvo brand vehicle, you’ll remember the feeling of a vehicle that’s built to be substantial, tough, and rugged, and ready to drive on the road. Most of us can feel safe inside a Volvo because they have been built in a way we feel a tank would be built. The indestructible feeling on the road with the massive amount of steel and size of Volvo vehicles has been what we’ve seen in the past. The Polestar 1 isn’t anything like the standard Volvo models we’ve driven before.

What Makes the Polestar 1 Different from other Volvo Models?

The Polestar brand of Volvo is created to offer us sportier and more engaging versions of the models that we love and admire. The Polestar is the brand’s first model that will be all its own and it’s still a few months away from being offered on the market. This car is the first one that Volvo has tested that is made primarily of carbon fiber. The body, made of this lighter material, presents a bit of an unknown for the team at Volvo.

Stronger but Different Caused the Concerns

We might think of steel as being stiff, hard, and tough, but the fact is, in a collision, where the material is stressed, steel reacts better than carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is made to react differently to stress because it’s extremely stiff and brittle while steel is soft and malleable to fold and offer what we call crumple zones. These differences between the two metals caused the team at Volvo to feel a bit of a concern when it came to the crash test, but thankfully, the team saw the crash test as a success for the carbon fiber body.

Leading the Way with Polestar

With the results of the crash test in the books, the team at Polestar 1 can feel more confident in the fact that they can build their cars lighter and more active with the highest of safety standards for the drive. It seems that with the ability to make bodies out of carbon fiber, the team at Polestar will be able to add more equipment and make the driving even better when it’s time to get out on the road in some of the most advanced vehicles. Volvo has always led the way for safety, but now Polestar can lead the way with performance.

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