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If you’re shopping for used cars, you won’t find a better value than a pre-owned Honda. With a wide range of vehicles, we’ve found 5 that are ideal for a variety of lifestyles, needs, and budgets.

Pay Less, Get a Lot More

What makes a used Honda such a great value? They come with a long list of features, get outstanding fuel economy, and they consistently earn top safety ratings. And if you’re on a limited budget, you can still get a relatively new, feature-filled model for well under $20k.

Whether you’re looking for a quality used truck or need a fuel-sipping commuter, here are our favorite used Honda models.

Honda Ridgeline


5. Honda Ridgeline

Honda’s pickup offering combines the comfort of an SUV with the capability of a full-size truck. With its full-size, 4-door crew cab, it’s an ideal everyday truck. The back seat is roomy enough for car seats, and the unibody frame delivers a comfortable ride. It’s perfect for hauling the family and all of your outdoor gear for a weekend camping trip.


Honda Fit


4. Honda Fit

Need low monthly payments? Want to spend less at the gas pump? You need a Honda Fit. It’s surprisingly spacious, with plenty of room to stretch your legs and nearly 53 cubic feet of cargo space. The Fit gets up to 40 highway MPG, and you can park it pretty much anywhere. You can find plenty of 2017 and newer used models for well under $20k.






3. Honda Element

Long live the Honda Element! This is one of our favorite SUVs ever. It’s roomy and versatile, with removable back seats. And you could even get an add-on “dog-friendly” package. Its interior is easy to clean, and it’s perfect for people with big, messy lifestyles. The newest models are over 10 years old now, but if you need something that can haul people, pets, and lots of stuff, track one down in your area. A quality used Honda Element should run from $5-12k, depending on its condition.



Honda Odyssey




2. Honda Odyssey

Is the Honda Odyssey the definition of cool? No, but maybe it should be. People make “soccer mom” cracks about this minivan until they get inside. Yeah, it’s built for families, but you don’t have to have kids to appreciate its comfort and versatility. You can configure the two back rows to accommodate passengers, cargo, and pets. Fold all of the back seats, and you get a cavernous 148.5 cubic feet of space. It’s got a powerful and efficient V6 engine, and it’s agile and surprisingly easy to park. And if you can get your hands on a used Touring edition, you’ll get extra goodies, including a built-in vacuum (EVERY car should have one!) and an upgraded sound system.Honda Accord

1. Honda Accord

For a nameplate that’s been around since the mid-70s, the Honda Accord just keeps getting better with age. If you need a fuel-efficient daily driver that’s affordable refined, and roomy, you’ll get that in a used Accord. When you need room to haul the kids to daycare and school but don’t want the bulk of an SUV, the Honda Accord is a great option.

The Accord is tops in reliability, with many going 200-300,000 miles. So, don’t shy away from one that’s approaching six digits on the odometer. A 10-year-old used Honda Accord should run between $10-15k, which is great if you’re on a tight budget.

Unbeatable Value

It’s easy to see why Hondas top the list of our favorite used cars. They’re loaded with features and are inexpensive to own, even if you buy an older model.

Whether you’re looking for a fuel-efficient everyday SUV or a safe second car for your teenage driver, a Honda should be on your test drive list.


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