Bentley Bentayga

How many of us can openly admit we get mesmerized by shiny objects and are wowed by things that move in ways we can’t immediately explain?  If you raised your hand then you might just love the idea of the awesome feature that Bentley has put inside the Bentayga to be great little addition and one that will keep you and your friends entertained for hours.  This feature is actually a simple item that seems to be pushed into this new car as a throwback from yesteryear in the form of a clock.

You might now think “why a clock” or simply point  out that most cars have a digital time readout that you can tell time from and not have the need for a clock and the time it takes to figure out what each of the hands means to know what time it really is.  Unfortunately, many of our younger adults did not learn to tell time on an actual clock, but for those of us who are still familiar with clocks and can admire them for their beauty and precision, this clock in the Bentayga is one to truly admire.

This clock is no ordinary piece of hardware, it’s a beautifully crafted work of art from the experts at Breitling to be a clock that has the precision timing, exact movements and a winding that keeps it perfectly wound and ready to provide you with the time every time you take a gander in its direction.  This clock is not just beautifully crafted with exquisite timing and precision but the inner workings of this awesome addition are all mechanical.  The only part of this clock that is actually powered by electricity is the motor that winds it periodically.

Speaking of the winding, this is where your attention will be fully captured.  When the clock needs to be wound, it does so automatically by rotating in its housing to give you a bit of a showpiece on your dashboard.  With this at the front and center position of your dashboard you might have to pull over every time this clock winds itself so that you can fully witness the awesome look and performance of the clock in the housing as it makes its turn. Without a doubt this movement alone is one of the most impressive and small features any automaker has ever come up with to add to a vehicle.

Now comes the difficult part for most of us.  Yes, if you are buying a Bentley Bentayga you are already spending a large sum of money, and you will want to have every feature you can on your car, this little feature will add a whopping $160,000 to the price of your car. Does this ring as a great price to have the most intriguing clock you have ever seen on the car you drive in order to admire the precision and timing that is part of the makeup of this beautiful timepiece; that is a question you will have to answer for yourself.

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