Want Your Boat to Match Your Bentley?

One of the problems faced by those that shop in the Bentley range is having vehicles that match each other.

Some people like to have a supercar that matches their SUV and comes from the same brand; others want to have their limousine and family car match each other while still others would love to have their car and boat match. Most brands don’t concern themselves with this last scenario, but Bentley will do it for a price.

Proof that Money Can Buy it All

Have you heard of the Rolls-Royce team charging a customer for an entire car just to test if a specialized item will work in the vehicle they want to drive? Yes, that actually happened. This is proof that if you have the money, you can talk a company into just about anything. The same is true with the customization team at Bentley. This team is called Bentley Design Services and they will make your car and your boat match.

Without Building Yachts, How Was this Done?

The automaker was able to help create the dream scenario for a customer by working together with a yacht company to create identical interior looks in both the car and the boat. The automaker added some of the maritime wood trim you find in many yachts to the car while the yacht builder used the same paint and seat materials to create the interior of the boat that matched the car.

The car being used is the Continental and it was matched in great detail. This is something you expect from the automotive brand and when you’re looking at a high-priced yacht. The surfaces materials for both vessels were Linen white color, which gave the wood and the red trim a wonderful contrast.

The Devil in the Details

You might think that an automaker and boat builder would go their separate ways even after agreeing to share the same colors for a customer, but Bentley took things farther. Both vehicles used the same diamond-patterned quilting with the same number of stitches. The machine that creates these stitches had to be shared between the two companies to make this happen. Talk about taking things to the limit.

Both Painted the Same

As you might expect, especially after knowing the details and lengths that were taken to get the cabin areas match, the exterior paint of both the Continental and the yacht were both painted the same. The color chosen was a beautiful blue that certainly plays well on the water as much as it does on the road. No boring white, gray, or black for this pairing, making them both stand out and look amazing together.

Why Take On Such a Project?

Money isn’t the only motivator to take on a project that required partnering with another company and sharing tools, practices, and design elements. The Bentley Design Services team was thrilled to be given the chance to stretch their skills into an area that wasn’t typical for them and to show how they could collaborate with another team. It’s highly likely that the yacht builder also felt the same way about working with a high-class automotive team.

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