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When you see a large crowd purchasing the same thing on the day the item comes out for sale, such as the newest iPhone or next great tech gadget, you might wonder if the item is really as good as it was advertised to be.  On the other hand, nearly a year of sales and an item that is still popular and desirable could cause you to feel you can trust the crowds and take advantage of the item for sale.

This is certainly the case for vehicles each year.  There are several that compete in similar markets and with similar equipment and style, but the sales may be just what separates the one you choose from the ones that get left out.  With that in mind, here are the ten best selling cars through the end of October in America for 2015.

Hyundai Sonata With 173,751 units sold the Sonata is a stylish sedan that offers you a lot of what you want in many ways.  Offering several power trains to choose from including a hybrid model the Sonata shows up with a great suspension that entices your driving experience with great steering and a fantastic drive for you to fully enjoy putting the Sonata in the tenth position on this list.

Ford FocusThe Focus has been a popular choice for many due to the great power trains that make it a fuel efficient drive and the ability to enjoy a sedan or a hatchback for the ride.  This attractive and equipment filled car is a lot of fun to drive and 180,287 other drivers on the road already enjoy what the Focus has to offer, it might be time for you to see what they know that you don’t.

Chevrolet CruzeOffering a roomy interior that is comfortable and easy to live in along with an engine that has plenty of power to make the ride fun and exciting the Cruze is a car that is great to choose and can offer you the enjoyment of the 4G LTE Wi-Fi to let everyone stay connected.  So far 193,680 of these have been sold this year to give many drivers the pleasure of driving this beauty.

Hyundai Elantra In the seventh position we see the Elantra which makes perfect sense as the compact offering from Hyundai.  This car is filled with great features for you to enjoy that has been to 209,830 drivers so far this year.  With a few different power trains to make this a great drive the Elantra looks a bit like a sports car and is one attractive player in the automotive world for you to enjoy.

Ford FusionThe Fusion allows you to enjoy making a car that can be your own and giving you the features you desire in a car that looks great and offers more than enough space for the carpool group you drive.  At the sales number of 255,143 sold this year you can see how this car is popular and makes its way to the sixth position with ease.

Honda CivicThis is no surprise on the list, maybe the surprise is this car is not ranked higher.  At 277,538 sales so far this year the Civic has been a sporty drive for many years and offers a great deal of fuel efficiency but also offers you a turbocharged engine to give you one of the most exciting and agile drives you can enjoy on any road.

Nissan Altima In the fourth position the Altima makes its way on the list to be stylish and powerful.  Built and designs in much the same way the Maxima is, the Altima offers amazing looks and a great build for you to enjoy.  With sales so far this year of 283,372, the Altima is one of the best choices you can make for the drive you want to enjoy.

Honda AccordThe Accord is the more livable model from Honda on this list and has been one that more of us enjoy for commuting and for the daily tasks we are faced with.  With sales that reach up to 294,935 for this year so far the Accord makes it to the third spot on the list and gives you some power with a V6 and certainly also has the fuel mileage of a four-cylinder engine to let you have the right Accord for you driving needs.

Toyota Corolla This should come as no surprise as Toyota has found a way to build the cars we want for our daily driving needs.  This is a car that fits perfectly with your life and offers some of the best equipment you can find.  With sales of 306,693 for this year so far the Corolla is the runner up on this list for sales and makes one of the best choices on the market.

Toyota Camry The Camry continues to be the car we want to drive the most.  This car offers you good space, a great menu of engines and excellent fuel mileage to be the car that you will see has what you want.  With sales of 361,111 so far this year the Camry has been our favorite and is the right choice for nearly every part of your daily driving life.

As we near the end of the 2015 model year, these ten cars may be showing significant reductions in price or some great financing for you to swoop in and get a great deal.  How can you go wrong with cars that have been on top of this list for so long already?  Let one of these beauties be your next choice for driving and enjoy what they have to offer you for long term driving enjoyment.

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