06.02.16 - 2016 Bentley Continental GT

When you have something great what you do is try and make it even better. Think of the Dyson vacuum cleaners, the various ways the Prius offers hybridization and the changes in industry to allow for mass production. Many companies are looking for ways to cut costs by streamlining process or creating products that are better than the ones they already have to offer. This is certainly the nature of the industry, if it wasn’t we would all still be walking around with an old cell phone that looks like a giant shoe with an antennae sticking out.

The same is true for vehicles. I mention the Prius, but that isn’t a car that really stirs the imagination or makes us wild with passion. A better example of a car that is already great and the company is working to make even better is the Bentley Continental GT. This is a car that is already sleek, sophisticated and sexy on the road and yet Bentley is not satisfied with how this car performs or what it has to offer. No, they want to take this sensuous model and make it even better than it already is, and who are we to argue with their desires?

The revised Bentley Continental GT Speed will now offer us 633 horsepower from the 6.0-liter twin turbocharged W12 engine. This engine will also produce a massive 619 lb.-ft. of torque but this torque is delivered in an extremely unique manner. When the engine reaches 2,000 rpm and all the way to 5,000 rpm the engine is able to deliver maximum torque. This much torque at this low range creates a car that can reach sixty mph in only 3.9 seconds, which is blazing fast for a car with this massive engine under the hood.

If it’s not enough to enjoy the power boost you will have with this car Bentley has done something unique to make for an even better combination. You can have a Bentley Continental GT Speed Black Edition. When you hear that name from a British automaker you know it is going to be pure black in all aspects and that is exactly what you can have. The car has a high-gloss black finish with all-black 21-inch wheels and either red or black brake calipers. If you do want a bit more color you can have red or yellow applied to the front splitter, side skirts and rear diffuser.

With a car that takes 110 hours to hand build the lack of colors to choose from is probably a good thing to keep the production running. Can you imagine screaming to sixty mph in a blacked-out car; that is one awesome and exciting vision? Like I said, Bentley has something great already in the Continental, but they have just made the turn and made it important to take something already great and make it even better overall so that we can have a car that takes over our imagination and doesn’t just tease it.

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