05.29.16 - 2016 Ford F-150

The changes we see in the automotive world have been widespread for many years. We have gone from low power to learning how to create power with turbocharging and supercharging, from terrible engines to efficient and powerful smaller engines and even added hybrid powertrains to the mix. Lately EVs have gotten a lion’s share of the attention because they are made to run on nothing but electricity, at least for a period of time and with the new announcement from Tesla the conversation continues. Until very recently there was one area that hybrid technology had not dared venture but it seems even that time is now over.

The vehicle class that had not received any hybrid powertrains as of yet has been the full size pickup truck market. With the recent video that was released which shows the Ford-F-150 with a hybrid engine underneath that time may come to pass soon as well. Is nothing sacred! Realistically, no, nothing is sacred in the automotive world and if a truck can have a hybrid powertrain and still perform all the duties a truck is needed for then why shouldn’t we have a hybrid F-150 or other models for our workforce?

It’s already been proven that any hybrid vehicle is going to be more fuel efficient than the gasoline only counterpart. With many trucks making their way to being part of a fleet and used for work, which typically means a lot of miles are put on them on a daily basis, any way to gain a few additional miles to the gallon will help.

This isn’t the first time we have seen Ford interested in creating a hybrid F-150. In 2011 Ford joined forces with Toyota to try and create a hybrid pickup, but Toyota ended that relationship in 2013, accusing Ford of being only interested in information and not collaboration. Even though this relationship ended Ford had previously announced they would have a hybrid half-ton pickup on the road by 2020 but with spy shots and testing already underway in 2016 we might see this new version of one of our favorite work trucks much sooner.

What will the hybrid F-150 have under the hood? We don’t know that just yet, but the hybrid system is expected to be paired with one of the EcoBoost engines and mated to a ten-speed automatic transmission to give us the power and fuel efficiency we want to enjoy. As of yet we don’t know how far this hybridization will go but you can expect to see plug in versions as well as those that charge on their own using regenerative braking.

Ford has also announced a new diesel model that will be part of the lineup in 2017 to be a more efficient diesel that can give you the power you need and the efficiency you deserve. With Ford changing their lineup and creating these trucks that make use of a technology that had been kept out of the truck world for so long you can expect other manufacturers will follow suit and offer hybrid pickups soon as well. It seems you can’t keep any technology out of a class forever.

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