Epic trucks like the Ford Raptor, Dodge Rebel, and Chevy Silverado RST all have one thing in common: they’re fast and eye-catching. They’re also pretty expensive when you buy them brand new. The good news is that these trucks can be bought for great prices if you search the pre-owned market.

Ford Raptor

Ford Raptor

Depending on the exact specifications, you can usually find a certified pre-owned Ford Raptor starting at around $30,000. That’s about half the price of a brand new one. The Ford Raptor is a unique truck that debuted in 2010. Unlike the other F-150 models, the Ford Raptor was specifically designed to take on the Baja 1000, which is an epic off-road race taking place between California and Mexico. The Raptor comes in both Super Cab and Super Crew layouts, but the bed size is standard at 5.5 feet. When you look at used Raptors, it’s important to know that the ones made before 2014 have lower horsepower and torque and are not quite as fuel-efficient as the more modern ones. However, the difference is not huge, so if you’re keener on saving money, the early models can be had for a steal.

Dodge Rebel

The Dodge Rebel is a souped-up version of the Ram 1500. New Rebel models start around $46,000, which is generally cheaper than the Ford Raptor. That price can go even higher with all the special packages. The Rebel TRX package starts in the $70,000 range. The price for a used Dodge Rebel is quite a bit different. It will depend on the mileage, condition, and trim, of course, but you can usually find a used Rebel starting somewhere around $18,000. The Rebel is similar to the Raptor in that it was designed to take on off-road courses like the Baja 1000 and is built to be both fast and rugged.

Chevy Silverado RST

A new Chevy Silverado RST starts at the lowest price of the three when you buy a brand new model. That price is about $43,000. Just like the other three, this price goes up quickly when you add options or get special packages. Finding a used one is pretty easy though, and the prices are quite low at around $11,000 to start. The Silverado RST is mainly meant for on-pavement quickness though as Chevy offers another trim for off-road enthusiasts called the
Trail Boss. The RST still comes in 4WD, but it doesn’t offer the same off-road extras as the Trail Boss.

Get a great deal on a fast truck with a pre-owned Ford Raptor, Dodge Rebel, or Silverado RST, but make sure to pull a vehicle report and get the truck fully checked out before buying if you’re looking at the used market. The best way to assure peace of mind when buying used is to get a certified pre-owned vehicle at a reputable dealership.

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