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Land Rover has been the top name for luxury SUVs for many generations. Originally built to be fantastic agricultural partners after World War II Land Rover vehicles have been around for more than sixty years and have developed in their luxury over the years. What hasn’t been in question during any of these years is the capability of the vehicles offered which are some of the most impressive ever, especially when you take any Land Rover vehicle to the off road areas of the world. No doubt Land Rover is a name you are familiar with that gives us the look and feel we want to fully enjoy.

As a huge fan of Land Rover the only negative that has ever been suggested for this lineup of vehicles is the boxy shape they come in. There is no questioning that the Land Rover vehicles have been the most important off road vehicles on the market today but the overall shape that we normally see on them has been passed by in the market which meant Land Rover had to do something. The choices Land Rover faced for their boxy shape, albeit luxury SUVs, is either to change the shape or continue on with the shape in an arrogant fashion.

What Land Rover has done is to provide a rounded look to be a more attractive shape for us to enjoy. Most of the market is now full of SUVs that offer a wide array of curves and slopes that make them stylish, but the challenge for Land Rover is to keep the interior space they are known for while making these changes. In no way does this company want to give us this space and alienate customers who rely on this room for the performance of their vehicles, which makes for an interesting challenge.

For the Discovery model it seems Land Rover has figured it out for the 2017 model. The mule of the Discovery was testing in wintry weather conditions recently and showed off some beautiful curves that appear to accentuate the vehicle much more than take anything away from it. This attractive new SUV is expected to not only offer a look we like but also lose some of the weight when they change to a new aluminum platform to have an impressive new performance and style. This gives the Discover a step up to continue being the best in its class when it comes to looks and ability.

Under the hood we are told to expect a wide range of possibilities. This comes as news because of the variety of engines being offered from Jaguar Land Rover which currently has several engines to offer, several of which could be perfect for the Discovery to make for a full lineup. Land Rover chose to make the right choice and restyle their lineup, which makes the most sense when it’s time to move forward and begin to appeal to more customers as vehicles change and evolve over the years.

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