Land Rover Brings Better Hybrid to a New Market

Forget the days of shopping for a vehicle exclusively at the dealership; the order books are open for the new Land Rover models.

It is now possible to order a new Extended-Range Plug-in Hybrid version that can travel up to 48 miles using only electric power, or you could order the new Range Rover SV, which is the latest version to top the charges of this lineup name. Regardless of the vehicle you select, one thing is for sure, Land Rover has embraced the fact that more of its vehicles are being kept on the streets for the posh upscale driving than being taken out into the wilderness.

Let’s take a look at what each of these two models has for you.

A new Range Rover with Electric Driving

The flagship SUV offered by Land Rover is the Range Rover. This model was redesigned recently, and now it has quicker acceleration to give you the active speed you’re looking for. A new build makes it ideal for you to head out on the trails in a three-row SUV if you want to go into the wilderness. Now that the Extended-Range PHEV is available for ordering, you can have a high-class SUV that provides style and driving performance where you need it.

Real Driving Range for Your Hybrid Experience

While giving you 48 miles of all-electric driving isn’t going to take you across the country, it might be enough distance to handle your drive every day. The original PHEV gave you 19 miles of electric driving, which barely got you out of the driveway, but now you can go more than twice as far, which might be around town.

In addition to the driving distance you’ll find, this new Land Rover Ranger Rover brings you 434 horsepower coming out of a hybrid powertrain. This powertrain is comprised of a six-cylinder engine and a 105-kW electric motor that uses a 38.2-kWh lithium-ion battery. This is certainly more than enough power to offer you the driving experience you’re after when you get behind the wheel.

Fast Charging Comes to a Plug-In Hybrid

The brand new Range Rover PHEV uses 50-kW DC fast charging to put power back in the batteries much faster than other hybrid vehicles. This is a feature we normally only find with fully electric vehicles. You can use any of the public charging stations and add 80 percent of the battery capacity to your Range Rover in less than an hour. This feature means you can charge the batteries while you’re in the grocery store and never use any of the gasoline in the tank.

Not an EV, but Heading in that Direction

Even though the new Land Rover Ranger Rover Extended-Range PHEV isn’t a fully-electric vehicle, it is certainly a step in the right direction. With more electric driving than what you find in the original model, this brand is going in the right direction. If you want posh, upscale, luxury driving in a plug-in hybrid SUV, this could be the SUV you want to drive. Don’t hesitate too long; orders are being taken right now.

The Range Rover SV can be Configured for You

It’s not a secret that the top model of the Range Rover, the SV model, is a high-class SUV that can be configured more than 1.6 million ways. For those that love to show off their Land Rover model on the top streets in high-class neighborhoods (think Rodeo Drive) will be able to create an SUV that is truly unique.

Consider this, with more than 1.6 million configurations and nearly 15,000 Range Rovers sold in the United States every year; each model sold in this country can be different from the rest.

A New Grille Design Shows Up

The SV model of the Land Rover Range Rover has a new front bumper design with a five-bar grille design. You’ll see this design on both the upper and lower grilles of this SUV to bring you the look and style you’re after. These bars are thin full-width metal-plated blades that are only offered on the SV models.

Ceramic Treatments for this SUV

New ceramic treatments are found in the cabin area of this Range Rover, with some of it found in the gear shifter, the volume controls, and the luxury watch faces found in the dashboard. Creating the ceramic items for this Land Rover is a ten-week process that molds the items and polishes them to be ready to fit on the vehicle. You’ll love the way these items look when you’re inside this SUV.

Amazing Leather Found in the Cabin

The seats and soft surfaces of the new Range Rover SV are covered in amazing upscale leather that brings you the style you want. This material can also be customized to be styled exactly the way you want.

This material can be had in furniture-grade and make it much softer for you to have the comfort you desire. If you don’t want real leather, you can select one of the sustainable ultrafabrics that come in Light Cloud or Cinder Grey colors. These color choices and new fabrics are found in the SV Intrepid theme. When you have this material in your SUV, you’ll have quality leather that’s thirty percent lighter than real animal leather.

Wheels and Power Finish the Job

One of the most attractive features that are customizable for the new Range Rover SV is the set of wheels that you’ll have to enjoy the drive. Show off those high-class wheels when you drive down the road. Of course, the drive offered for this new Land Rover will give you power that comes from a twin-turbocharged V8 engine that makes 523 horsepower. It might seem odd, but the engine is one of the only aspects of this new Range Rover SV that you can’t swap out for something else.

With a new PHEV model and a top-level SV version, the orders for the new Range Rovers from Land Rover are about to fill up fast. Will your order be among them?

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