02.07.16 - 2016 Cadillac XTS

When you think of Cadillac these days you might think first of the Escalade, second of the CTS-V and third of the ATS-V. The XTS is a car that fills a gap in the lineup that is left with some of the other model, especially with the new CT6 that will be at the top of the lineup for the next few years. The XTS offers a size that is a little smaller than some of the top models from other luxury automakers and gives you the right fabrics, power and technology to enjoy every single drive in this car.

While it fits into the lineup from Cadillac perfectly, what is the XTS? This is a car that has the sophisticated handling that you want to be able to take the car on the road and carve up some corners while putting you in a cabin that is built to pamper you and give you the oasis of enjoyment that you want. For 2016 the model adds a Surround Vision camera package to the Driver Awareness package along with wireless phone charging, Apple CarPlay and new colors to be enjoyed. Another change you might notice on the XTS is a redesigned grill that is only slightly different than before.

I’ve already mentioned the interior a couple times, so let’s take a look. What you see in the cabin is a well-designed two-toned leather trimmed interior that looks great and makes you feel comfortable right away. There are controls everywhere up front to let you have full command of the car while also giving you a great three passenger rear seat with plenty of leg room. When you need some cargo space there is an eighteen cubic foot trunk that has space for plenty of luggage to take on a great trip to any destination.

Some of the charm of the XTS is the fact it’s a great package right from the start. At the base model the standard equipment you will receive include dual zone automatic climate controls, a power adjustable steering wheel, rear parking assistance, an eight-speaker Bose sound system, HD Radio, Bluetooth connectivity and USB ports. Moving up the trims you find a rearview camera, heated and ventilated front seats, rain sensing windshield wipers, a 12.3-inch driver information display and the Driver Awareness package. For all XTS models you will enjoy the safety of ten airbags, the GM OnStar communication system with automatic crash response, Brembo performance brakes and complimentary maintenance for four years or 50,000 miles.

Of course, with any luxury car you get to choose some great options to add to the car to make it an even better. For the XTS this list of options comes in with AWD for the base V6 model, a navigation system, a 14-speaker Bose Studio Surround system, a dual screen rear seat DVD entertainment system, a sunroof, the Parking Assistance feature which makes it easy for the car to part itself, a Driver’ Assistance package that adds adaptive cruise control and automatic braking in both forward and reverse.

The expected price for the XTS shows up at the base model of around $46,500. With a few trim levels to choose from you can easily see the XTS come up as high as $70,000 to have the fully loaded model that gives you all the bells and whistles you can enjoy. This base price is actually lower than the BMW 5-Series, Mercedes- Benz E-Class and Lexus GS and you get more car for the money from the Cadillac, which makes it a value offering in this class.

As for the engines there are two that you can choose from for your model to make sure you have the right XTS for you. The first is the base 3.6-liter V6 engine which is found in the XTS and XTS4. This engine uses direct injection and produces 305 horsepower and 264 lb.-ft. of torque. This power plant is attached to a fantastic six-speed automatic transmission to give the best shifting experience and smooth ride along with 18 city/28 hwy mpg in the FWD model and 17 city/26 hwy mpg for the AWD model to give you some good fuel mileage while using regular gasoline.

Moving up the engine lineup the Vsport will enjoy the performance of the 3.6-liter twin turbocharged V6 engine which makes 410 horsepower and 369 lb.-ft. of torque. The AWD system in either engine uses the Haldex technology which allows it to transfer power not just from front to back but also from side to side to provide the best traction possible. Using the same transmission as the base engine the fuel mileage of the Vsport will come in at 16 city/23 hwy mpg and it does also require the use of premium fuel to operate perfectly.

Looking at the exterior of the XTS the car shows off the true and new Cadillac style that has made us look with awe and amazement at what this car has for looks. The smooth surfaces, beautiful LED headlights, large wheels and dual exhaust all give the car beauty and function. With just the right amount of chrome all over the car you will be in love with the XTS right from the start. You also see a wonderful stance that makes you know you can take this car and toss it around in the corners and curves of the road.

Get behind the wheel and let this car be the one you want to drive. The impressive Magnetic Ride Control suspension and perfectly balanced steering make for a car that is easily used as a cruising machine as much as it is a car that can give you the excitement you desire. Sitting inside the car you will notice there are no noises from outside that enter the vehicle at all, giving you the perfect place to drive from and a location where your backseat passengers can enjoy the entertainment from. If you want a large luxury sedan, the XTS makes a smart choice at a lower price and with more equipment than some others on the market.

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