Cars With Amazing Sound Systems

Super sports cars used to only be about the vehicle and the ride, but today, we expect and demand excellent sound systems in these cars.

If you’re going to spend the amount of money required to buy a McLaren or Ferrari, you should get to hear the music you want through a sound system that delivers crisp, clear music. Your high-end luxury or sports car feature shouldn’t be an afterthought. Thankfully, many automakers are putting some thought and effort into sourcing the right system to give you the music you want to hear every time you drive.

Bowers & Wilkins Found in McLaren Models

The British sports car brand that came right from the racetrack to the road has one of the most incredible sound systems you can enjoy in any car. This is a car company you might expect to stick strictly to performance and driving, but it offers much more than that. McLaren models, including the new GT, gives you sounds coming out of a Bowers & Wilkins system.

Specifically, in the GT model, you’ll find 12 speakers of premium audio pleasure, giving you the surrounding sounds you’re sure to love. This system comes with carbon-fiber sub-bass woofers and Kevlar mid-range speakers. Bowers &Wilkins speakers are used in some of the top recording studios in the world and find their way into the various McLaren models offered to give the well-heeled adventurers the drive they’re sure to love.

Bose Leads Sound Engineering in the Chevrolet Corvette

While you might spend some of your time in the Corvette with the stereo off to listen to the engine noise, when you do turn on the audio, you’ll love the sounds coming out of the Bose Performance system. This system brings you 14 speakers of pure, smooth, clear, crisp sounds to give you the music you’re sure to love every time you drive your Chevy Corvette.

Bose and Chevrolet have worked together since 1984, and the latest system offered in the Corvette is perfect for the C8 model. The upgraded changes brought this car to a style that seems like some European supercars; why shouldn’t the sound system offer similar performance? The layout of this system gives you speakers everywhere you look. Think about the fact that this car only has two seats, a small cabin, and it still has 14 speakers for your musical enjoyment.

A Meridian Sound System is Found in the Jaguar F-Type

While tossing the Jaguar F-Type around on a canyon road, through a mountain pass, or as fast as you can down a straight and open road, you’ll want to hear unique sounds from your audio system. The Meridian name has been one of the highest-quality systems in the automotive industry for a long time. If you’re looking for high-end sounds in your high-end car, this could be for you.

There are two different audio setups for the F-Type. Meridian offers a 14-speaker/380-watt system which comes standard, but you can opt for a more extensive 26-speaker/1,300-watt system. The sound system matches the thrilling performance of the Jaguar. The Meridian system is a perfect fit for the Jaguar F-Type’s fantastic car.

You’ll Find a Panasonic System in the Acura TLX.

Since 2004, Acura has enjoyed a partnership with Panasonic to bring you the car sound systems we love to year. The ELS Studio 3D system is part of the TLX, and it gives you the sound quality and impressive listening experience you want to enjoy. When it comes to luxury sedans, very few can match what this Panasonic system offers in the Acura TLX.

What does this audio system bring to your listening experience? You’ll find 17 speakers with 16 channels to give you an impressive and immersive 3D sound experience. You can play music in 5.1 surround sound with this great package. Elliot Scheiner tuned the Panasonic system in this Acura. He is a Grammy-winning producer/engineer who has worked with many high name groups, including Queen, Fleetwood Mac, Foo Fighters, and Nine Inch Nails.

Is it a Surprise that Meridian is part of the Land Rover You’ll Drive?

Considering that a Meridian sound system is part of the Jaguar F-Type, it shouldn’t be a shock that a similar approach is part of many Land Rover SUVs. Jaguar and Land Rover are joined as luxury brands that work together. A state-of-the-art system is found in most SUVs from this unique off-road luxury brand.

How has long ahs Meridian been making car systems? Since 1977, this audio company and the British brand Land Rover have enjoyed a partnership. The Land Rover Sport gives you a 13-speaker/380-watt system as the base model, but the Meridian “Signature Sound System” package you can opt for includes a 29-speaker/1,700-watt system in this vehicle. Enjoy the fantastic clarity of the sounds in the Land Rover Sport you love to drive. This unique audio system will improve the overall listening experience whenever you head out on the road.

You’ll Find a Revel Sound System in the Lincoln Corsair.

One of the essential qualities of driving a Lincoln is the impressive level of comfort offered. This brand understands what it means to have a smooth drive, excellent materials in the cabin, and an immersive sound experience. For that experience, we find a Revel sound system in the Lincoln Corsair to give you the quality you want.

The system you’ll find in the Corsair is a 14-speaker premium Revel system to give you sound that makes you feel like you’re right in front of the stage at a concert. When you hear the fantastic sound quality coming out of this system, you’ll know the Lincoln Corsair will be the SUV you use to take your next road trip. An excellent touch of this Lincoln is the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, with symphonic chimes as the alerts you’ll hear when you drive.

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