Genesis is Racking up Some Awards with a New Model

Hyundai made the right decision to create the Genesis brand and begin to develop luxury models that have the personality we want.

The newest member of the luxury class of vehicles has already begun to show that it can compete with the rest of the market and is even taking home some of the awards that are given every year. Genesis entered the market only a few years ago with two models and with an expanded lineup to three for the 2019 model year, and the sales growth already experienced, we’re going to see more from this brand in the near future

A Pair of Awards for Genesis

Recently, the Genesis brand was recognized with two awards from leading, independent, third-party organizations. The 2019 Genesis G70 was named the “Best Deluxe Car” by the Hispanic Motor Press and the 2019 Genesis G90 was awarded the “Best Luxury Sedan for Reliability” by the Women’s Choice Awards. Genesis was more than happy to have these awards offered to give them a pair that make recognition of what the Genesis brand has to offer when it’s time to have the right vehicle for the drive on the road.

Premium Quality for Your Drive

Across the brand lineup, the Genesis name stands for premium quality and reliability to give us a trio of models that we want to drive when it’s time for a great ride. This is the second time this brand has been honored with a Women’s Choice Award. In addition to winning this impressive award, the G80 was also honored to be ranked as the best overall sedan among vehicles that are priced between $20,000 and $50,000. The G80 shows the commitment to quality that Genesis instills in all models offered with their name on them.

The Lineup You Can Love

Right now, this brand is comprised of three models, the G70, G80, and G90. The G70 is the newest and smallest member and is a sports luxury sedan that has the active drive and dynamics you’ll admire. The G80 fits in the middle with premium features and the sportiness that makes ita balanced sedan with plenty of room for the drive. The G90 is an executive-class luxury sedan that has the qualities desired when you’re looking for a top model with the luxury features that makes you know the car belongs at the very top of the market.

Moving Forward for Genesis

It’s impressive that Genesis has won a number of awards while only being on the market as the Genesis brand for a few years. Before the 2022 model year begins, we will see three more models added to the mix to give us a trio of SUVs that can add a lot to this lineup. The Genesis brand is growing and offers the premium and active driving experience you want with the chance of having a luxury model that can pamper you with the comforts that you’re going to admire when you get out on the road.

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