3 Wheels are Better than Two on the Yamaha Niken

An interesting new motorcycle has emerged called the Yamaha Niken. While we’ve seen motorcycles with three wheels, The Niken is different.

This motorcycle has two wheels up front that are close together rather than spread apart. Other three-wheeled motorcycles have had the wheels spread wide in an effort to offer more stability, which makes you wonder what the point was of creating a motorcycle that has the front two wheels close together.

Traction is Increased with the Front Two Wheels

When there are two wheels up front for a vehicle, you don’t automatically have an increased contact patch because this quality is determined by the air pressure in tires. Adding a second wheel the front of a motorbike does give you a larger contact patch from the two wheels and more weight to increase the traction of the vehicle. The Yamaha Niken offers you increased stability and traction because of the two front wheels.

What’s it Like to Ride the Yamaha Niken?

Because of the narrow setup of the front two wheels, the Niken feels like most other motorcycles when you take it for a ride. It’s not the same as riding a three-wheeled motorbike that has the wheels spread out. Even though this bike is heavier than most in its class, it’s is easy enough to steer and drive when you get on and take it out on the road.

Feel the Pleasure of the Drive

When you get on the Yamaha Niken, you’ll have an enjoyable suspension, a good feel, and more confidence than you might have with other motorcycles. This bike sounds good, pulls well, and never runs out of power, giving it the feeling that’s right for you. Whether you’re an experienced rider or a novice, the Niken can be a pleasure for you on the road.

What Accessories Should be Chosen for the Yamaha Niken?

If you’re planning to ride the Niken long distances, you’ll want to invest in a hard luggage bag that can be attached to give you the right place to carry the stuff you’ll need during your journey. A set of heated grips can help if you want to ride this bike when the weather gets cooler out, and you’ll want to take a look at crash bars and an engine guard to give you more confidence when on the road.

Who Should Buy the Niken?

It’s important to know if this motorcycle is right for you at your skill level. The Yamaha Niken is a motorcycle that is balanced and can give you the ride you want. Whether you’re a novice or not, this can be a great bike. When you’re planning to take your partner along for a ride with you, this bike could be exactly what you need to give you and your partner the comfort you want on the road. Take a look at the new Yamaha Niken and see if it could be the motorcycle you use for the road trips you have planned.

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