Concept Models We’ve Admired and Hope For

At every car show, you might see one or two concept models that you love to look at and admire, but it’s not often all are at one show.

Why are concepts so special? These are the cars that give us a hint at the future and the possibilities a brand has to offer us if it weren’t for the bean counters getting in the way. Check out the concept models that we’ve admired this year and imagine what it would be like to drive one of these vehicles.

Mercedes-Maybach Vision 6 Cabriolet

The name alone tells you this is a spectacular car that can be one that’s a lot of fun to drive on the roads that you travel every day. This car is long, low, sleek, and absolutely gorgeous. It looks like a pleasure cruiser that can turn heads and leave people wondering what you do that makes you special enough to drive this amazing car.

Jeep 4Speed

This Jeep Wrangler is a bit of a lightweight, barebones model that shows up to give you the open-air fun you want to have out on the trails. This concept was built without a roof or doors and it brings in a roll cage, carbon fiber body panels, and some massive off-road tires for the fun. Imagine what this Jeep would be like to drive and pray the Jeep team puts it into production.

Jeep Trailcat

Here’s a massive Jeep concept that showed off at the Easter Safari to be one that’s powered by a Hellcat engine and offers you the incredible performance you want when you head out on the trails. Imagine what it would be like to have a Hellcat engine under the hood of a Wrangler with the big knobby tires that can be perfect for the trails.

Mazda RX-Vision

This is the car that allows us to imagine what the future of the rotary-powered sports cars that are made by Mazda could be. Even though it’s still a concept model, for now, this is the car that makes us yearn for the sports cars from this brand in hopes that it will become a production model that will be close to what the concept is.

Honda Urban EV

At first, we thought this quirky and welcoming car would only be a concept, but Honda has announced it will go into production and we’ll see it on the roads at some point next year. This little electric city hatchback is one that brings you the style and feeling that you could easily admire when it’s time for the ride.

Toyota S-FR

Here’s a small sports coupe that was shown at the Tokyo Auto Show a few years ago and it has been rumored to be one that might go into production. This certainly wasn’t the one to hint at the new Supra that we’ll see in the next few months, but it could have been a nod toward another small sports coupe that may now be filled by the Toyota 86.

Toyota GR HV

Here’s a hybrid-powered targa sports car that’s based on the current Toyota 86. This car showed up with a new front fascia and a switchable six-speed manual mode for the automatic transmission. This may be the future look of a Toyota sports car that we get the pleasure of driving, but it also could end up being another concept that simply teased us.

Pininfarina HK GT

This GT car is one that showed up with battery power to be a sustainable GT car that could be what we see on the roads in China in the future. With the Chinese market turning its back on the gasoline models that we’ve enjoyed for many years, the electric models could be the future of the drive on the roads in this car.

Buick Avista

The Avista is a concept we saw a few years ago and it’s one that has already made an influence in the market. The front fascia of this concept is one you’ll recognize because it’s been used on several of the production models since that time. This car continues to be used as the one that offers the design and technology for the future of Buick.

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