Did Hennessey Need to Get Hold of a Demon?

One of the most powerful mainstream cars to ever hit the market was the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, capable of producing 840 horsepower.

This car was so incredible that it needed to be altered because it could reach the end of a quarter-mile run in less than ten seconds and offered us an amazing speed for the track. Although 840 horsepower is something fantastic, one of the reasons we love what America is all about is because someone is always going to come along and offer us more.

The Dodge Challenger Demon with More

Hennessey Performance Engineering was able to get hold of one of the Dodge Demon models and showed that they have the ability to make this car go faster and have even more power for the drive. This team took the Demon, scoffed at the 840 horsepower number, and pumped this beast up to an incredible 1013 horsepower at the rear wheels to give this car more of what we want. That’s an amazing amount of power at the wheels and this car certainly needed even more upgrades added in order to be allowed on the track.

The Upgrades Added by Hennessey

This new and upgraded version of the Challenger is called the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon HPE 1200. The 1200 represents the horsepower that’s generated at the crank, which is how most cars are rated. The change was achieved by adding a larger supercharger which is 4.5-liters in size, a new set of headers, fuel injectors, and a tuned-up engine. Once all these changes were made, the new Demon is capable of offering the 1013 horsepower and 954 lb.-ft. of torque at the wheels, giving you incredible power on the road.

A Milder Hennessey Challenger Offered

Before the Hennessey team added the 1200 package to the Demon, they had tuned up a model with the HPE 1000 package to show off a serious speed on the drag strip. This version of the car was able to finish the quarter-mile in 9.14 seconds with a trap speed at the end of 152 mph. This is an impressive speed for the car, and the HPE 1200 version will be even faster. The one aspect that will become an issue for both models of this car has to do with the traction needed to put these sprint speeds on the track.

Other Items Offered for the Demon

In order to make sure anyone that adds the Hennessey treatments to their Dodge Demon models can take them to the track, the team offers upgrades that meet NHRA specifications. These include a roll cage and a parachute to make sure you can stop as soon as you need to. The powered offered makes the Demon an even more impressive car, but you need these items if you’re going to take the car to the track and let the Hennessey upgrades offer you the speed that you’ll love to show off.

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