The Honda Urban EV Concept Gives Us Throwback Style for the Future

The fact that Honda used a throwback style makes the new Honda Urban EV Concept even more interesting for us and allows us a great drive.

The Honda Urban EV is a car that looks and feels more like the N600 that was offered in the past.  Even though this car showed up at this stage with a small hatchback build and a bench seat upfront to give us a look at a car that will be part of the future of Honda, or at least we hope it will be. Making this little car into an EV model makes perfect sense for the ride we want to make.

The number of different ways we’ve used throwback style in the automotive industry makes me think that if someone could create a Model A or Model T that has the modern features that we enjoy today, it would be a huge hit on the market.

That might be a bit of a reach considering the changes that would need to take place, but Honda had no problem showing up at the Frankfurt Motor Show with a vehicle that carries the look and feel of a bygone era while also offering a futuristic style and quality.

What Else Does This Car Bring?

The most important aspect of what the Urban EV Concept showed us is the fact that it’san EV model. This car has a ton of excellent items that you were able to see at the show as well. This car rides on a new platform that will be the one to underpin many of the EV models that will be offered on the market from the Honda team over the next several years.

This new platform allows the lightweight battery pack to have an integrated heat management system to help keep the batteries cool. If you want to have an idea of the actual size of the Urban EV Concept, it’s slightly smaller than the Honda Fit to make it only 160 inches long.

This small size should allow this car to be one that is perfect for the city driving we’re faced with because it will have a tight turning radius to make sure you can maneuver wherever you drive. There’s seating for four, which means you can make this little car one that you’ll carry your friends or family in and enjoy the ride on the road.

Style is Right in the Honda Urban EV Concept

The futuristic style of this car includes a message board between the headlights, the smooth curves and lines, and the blue Honda logo upfront which will be what we see in the future on the EV models offered by this brand. Inside the Urban EV Concept showed up with a screen that spans from the steering wheel across the dash to provide you with the view and information you need.

There are even screens in the doors to show you what’s going on around you. Take a look at the video below and check out this new car that could be the EV model that Honda is ready to offer soon.

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