Buick SUVs

Buick SUVs

As a pair of brands from GM that have a singular goal for the drive you want to make, both GMC and Buick are turning toward more SUVs for the drive in order to offer larger crossovers and a wider variety of them to ensure we can have the model that will give us what we want when it’s time to get out on the road. GMC doesn’t offer anything smaller than a compact crossover SUV, and Buick doesn’t offer anything larger than a midsize crossover, but both are enjoying impressive success because of the growth in the SUV market over the past few years.

Buick Success

Over the past few years, Buick has not only reinvented itself into a brand that’s a premium offering on the market but to be a brand that we turn to for more of what we want on the road with models like the Buick Envision as a prime example. With that in mind, this impressive brand has grown to offer a sales growth of 12.3 percent more in 2016 than in the year prior, which is a growth that is three times more than the rest of the industry.
With this impressive growth, the Buick brand has become the fourth-largest premium brand sold in the US. This brand is only bested by Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, and BMW which makes Buick a brand that outsold Audi and Cadillac in the US during 2016. Because of what Buick has used to its advantage, between 70 and 75 percent of the models sold by this brand are SUV models and show continued growth to make sure we can see this brand offer us more for the drive for the future. Turning to SUVs for the vehicles we want to drive, the Buick brand has solidified its place in the market once again.

GMC Success

As a mainstay on the SUV market for most of its existence, GMC didn’t face the same image challenges as Buick and the benefits offered of the Denali sub-brand have kept this brand name and image strong for several years. The GMC team experienced the impressive overall success as Buick and the strong offering of SUVs that are offered on the market allows us to have what we want for the drive. It seems more like the GMC brand has been capable of offering us SUVs for quite a few years and now the market has caught up with GMC and what this brand has to offer.
Because it doesn’t look like the GMC brand will be turning away from SUVs anytime soon and the market appears to be even more ravenous about the desires for SUVs to drive, we’re going to see a continued success for both GMC and Buick and their SUVs going forward as these two brands continue to offer us more of what we want. The SUVs are going to continue to be one of the most impressive segments of the brand in order to keep GMC at or near the top of the brands that we look for on an annual basis.

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