Genesis is Becoming Fully Connected


The newest luxury brand on the market is aimed to offer you the quality and fun of being completely connected so that you know your car better. The Genesis lineup is being offered with some features that allow you to connect with services that are being offered from Amazon, Google, and directly from Genesis. The development of the new web portal for you to make use of as a Genesis owner is called MyGenesis which is a service and a system you’re going to want to enjoy and make use of so that you can know your car better.

The idea of not only improving your ownership experience but protect your time is part of what MyGenesis offers you. This new web portal is built to allow you to give you what you want when it comes to the information you’re going to want to enjoy and need when you see and enjoy the drive on the roads around you. If you want your luxury car to offer you more services and make it easier for you to handle the service needed, the Genesis brand brings this to you with the MyGenesis system that you can use.

What is the MyGenesis System

The information you’re going to receive from this new web portal include items such as the number of miles until the next time you need to have the vehicle serviced, allow you to have access to vehicle health reports, recall alerts, and much more. You can quickly and easily book the pick up and drop off of your Genesis by using the Service Valet. You’ll be able to watch how-to videos for the tech features including Bluetooth and the Smart Cruise Control while also having access to connected services such as the remote start and climate controls.
This new service is meant to supplement the Genesis Connected Service app. With this app you receive the ability to remote start your vehicle, lock and unlock your doors, and search destinations that can be sent to the navigation system of the car. This system also offers you a curfew alert and the Car Finder function that’s included. This app is offered as an included subscription for three years when you purchase the new Genesis model you want to drive and experience on the road. Add the MyGenesis portal to the mix and you have a car that’s connected and enjoyable in many ways.
The goal of Genesis is to make it easier for you to live with your car and make your car part of your lifestyle improvements. With this in mind, you can also enjoy the Genesis Skills system for the Amazon Alexa and Google Home programs that make it easy for you to communicate with your vehicle through these home devices that are made to help make your life easier for you to enjoy. The Genesis team is on the right track with modern advanced technology that we’re going to love to experience when we drive one of the Genesis models.

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