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Owning a piece of automotive history can be a feeling of pride that can’t be duplicated for those who have the pleasure of owning some of the classic speedsters that raced on the roads of this planet many years ago.  Bringing a piece of history back to its original form or knowing the vehicle is actually all original are certainly something that has been difficult to master and has eluded many car restoration company over the years.  You can find a wide variety of parts and fittings for just about any car, but for those rare exotics it’s important to have a car that is as original as possible. 

This leaves room in the industry for an automaker to have a division of their business that is fully dedicated to validating, restoring and suppling parts for their older models.  At Lamborghini this division is called the PoloStorico which is loosely translated to classic hub.  The uniqueness of this division is simply amazing to behold and this has been a major business boom for the company for the past several years.  Instead of offering rebuild pieces and bits, this segment of Lamborghini is a full service area; let me explain.

Let’s consider what you would need to do to validate the value of an older model Lamborghini you own.  Unless you have the original documentation and have been the only owner there is no way to know if the car is all original.  The PoloStorico division at Lamborghini will validate this information for you.  Amazingly the company has all the records of their models dating back for the past 53 years.  The 21,000 technical drawings and 6,000 builder sheets are being digitized to offer a catalogue of all the models built.  In order to obtain certification for the car you own you will have to pay around $1,100 to see how the car you own left the factory.

Of course if you want a more thorough inspection, you would need to bring your car to the factory and pat nearly $6,700 for the team to partial disassemble the car to verify which parts are original and which ones are not.  In both cases the cost is worth what you will gain in value of the car as many of the cars this team has reviewed increase in value enough to offset the cost and then some.

In another scenario, if you know most of your car is original, either because of a previous authentication by the team or because you have been the only owner, but you need a part to fix the car the team in the PoloStorico division can help.  They have over 50 million euros worth of parts on hand and will likely have the part you need, which will help maintain the value of your Lamborghini.  If they don’t happen to have the part and you don’t mind paying a higher price for an original, they will manufacture the part to be to the exact same specifications for you which help you maintain the actual value of your car.

In the worst of cases, when you have an older model Lamborghini that needs to be restored, especially if it has been sitting in a shed or barn for many years rusting and wearing away.  In this case you can have a complete restoration done of your classic Lamborghini model (this works for model that have been in a crash as well).  This is the most costly option but it does allow you to have a car that is as close to original as possible.  With this process the PoloStorico division has brought in some of the original builders to perform these restorations.  Not only are they advisors for the work that needs to be done but many of them actually perform some of the work and create a rebuilt car that is made by the same hands that built the original.  This is the only way to have a fully restored Lamborghini that is able to be authenticated as an original work once again.  The price for this option does get quite expensive as some of these projects will cost around $200,000 for a ground up restoration, but you get a nicer car than when the car came off the line originally.

Lamborghini is not the only exotic car manufacturer with this restoration division; Ferrari and Aston Martin each have their own as well.  This trend toward restoring classic cars back to original or better has caught on and become another great stream of income for these companies.  If your uncle leaves you a chicken coop Lamborghini or you want to have your classic bull authenticated, the PoloStorico division will be more than happy to accommodate you and let you share in some of their glorious history.

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