Audi R8

When you develop a supercar there are expectations that must be met.  You need to offer amazing style, you need to have the best features, and the handling must be on point and most of all it has to be fast.  When you think of Lamborghini you instantly think of speed and power wrapped in a dynamic wedge-shaped design that gives you some of the most active driving features you can find anywhere.  On the other hand when you think of Audi it’s the interior that excites you along with the name that has carried a reputation for driving excellence, but what do you get when blend the two together?

In the grand scheme of things and “what if” questions the results for this particular one brings us the supercar from Audi, the R8.  The first generation of this amazing car was a huge hit by supercar standards with 27,000 being made and sold which has spurned a second generation that will show up sometime in the early part of 2016.  What does this have to do with Lamborghini?  The Audi R8 used the same build platform as the Huracan, which certainly should pique your interest even further for this glorious driving machine.

Currently this new version of the R8 is only offered in Europe and will have some differences when it makes it across the Atlantic, but what we see is an amazing super car wearing the interlocking circle logo that will be awesome to drive.  This new version is longer, wider and lower than the outgoing model to give us a more aggressive look to enjoy.  The engine under the hold will be a 5.2-liter V10 that comes in two different power settings and is attached to a seven-speed dual clutch automatic transmission that has paddle shifters.  The Quattro AWD system is upgraded to offer a new computer controlled clutch program that will give the right amount of torque to the front axle.  This powertrain is set up to handle all your driving desires and let you be as aggressive on the track as you want while delivering the performance you are looking for.

If you want speed and stats, you certainly have it with the Audi R8.  The base version, if it can be called that, offers the V10 engine tuned to 540 horsepower and 398 lb.-ft. of torque.  The Plus version cranks it up to 610 horsepower and 413 lb.-ft. of torque to give you the ability to reach sixty mph in only 2.7 seconds.  This car will also run the quarter mile in only 10.6 seconds at 132 mph while making it to 170 in 21.1 seconds.  That is some serious speed especially when you consider the Bugatti Veyron was at 190 at the 21 second mark and costs a lot more money than this crown jewel of Audi.  At the top end, the R8 will achieve a full 205 mph making it the fastest Audi ever to be available for public driving.

Because this is built on the Lamborghini platform you get what you expect, a roaring engine full of life and sound that is ready to rip across the road.  Because it’s a V10 and not a 12 or 8 the firing order is unequal which gives it a much more menacing sound than some of the other engines.  This is the perfect match for the look, dynamics and attitude the Audi R8 is striving for.  No longer is Audi a mild-mannered comfort zone of driving, with the R8, especially this new one, the world will scream the name of Audi as you drive by in your new R8 that is full of awesome power, precision and guts.

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