04.15.16 - 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander

Should all cars receive respect on the market? Not at all, some don’t have the versatility to be able to fit into several places on the market, but some have enough of what we need to be a great car to buy and enjoy. While you might not like some of these cars, others on this list just might be the right choice for you as you see what these cars that have been disrespected have to offer. Once you find that car which will fit your lifestyle the best, you will wonder why more people aren’t enjoying the car you chose for their driving needs.

Acura RLX Sport HybridTake a look at this car; there doesn’t seem to be too much to offer. This may be a car that looks like it has been forgotten over the years while Acura focused on other models, but the Sport Hybrid version packs a serious punch. This is a car that will give you 377 horsepower and a torque vectoring AWD system. You can enjoy the ride with four of your friends and still have the fuel mileage of 28 city/32 hwy in a luxury car that was built to be driven and enjoyed.

Buick Verano TurboThe Verano is in the middle of the pack as it appears to share a platform with the Chevrolet Cruze. For some the question is why would Buick make a compact car at all, but the Turbo version can be one that will answer the question in a positive manner. This is a car that will cost you just a little over $30,000 and comes with a 250 horsepower turbocharged engine that is attached to a six-speed manual transmission which makes for some of the most enjoyable driving you have ever experienced. With the Buick name on the front you know you will have a sophisticated interior and exterior to enjoy as well, making this an extremely smart choice.

Cadillac XTSRespect is earned, not given and the XTS has been one that helped to shape the new Cadillac lineup. This is the car in the Caddy lineup that will let your passengers truly enjoy the ride that makes them feel as if they have stepped back in time to when Cadillac was less about performance and more about comfort. Even though this is a comfortable ride, it does have plenty of technology and a 420 horsepower engine that enjoys the fun of AWD if you choose the V-Sport option.

Dodge JourneyThis is an SUV that has been around long enough to remember the names of Pontiac and Mercury. Even though the Journey seems like a vehicle that should have gone away a while ago, this SUV offers seven passenger seating that is comfortable, a powerful V6 engine and a price that is much better than nearly every other three row crossover SUV. Does the Journey deserve respect; I certainly think so, but for a few years now it hasn’t gotten the respect it deserves at all.

Honda RidgelineThis is a pickup truck that will have to be tested and pass some grueling challenges. Most truck loves enjoy the body on frame build of their trucks while the Ridgeline is a unibody construction. With the new model giving us a look that is more traditional, Honda did not waste any time finding ways to make this a truck that separates itself from the rest with useful compartments and an in bed sound system which can make it more fun at work as the whole crew can listen to the radio and enjoy the music while they get the job done.

Honda CR-ZMarketing gave this car little respect which turned it into a car that many who loved their CR-X models looked at with disappointment when it came to market. The CR-Z is actually a lot of fun to drive, but you have to understand it’s a hybrid vehicle that offers great fuel mileage and comes in sporty shell. This isn’t a performance beast like the CR-X and it won’t give you more power, in fact the CR-Z has less horsepower than the old CR-X. That doesn’t make it a bad vehicle; this car could almost be a hot hatch if it was more hatchback and less compact coupe.

Infiniti QX50For some reason the SUVs on this list have been around from what seems like the days of the dinosaurs. The QX50 has not brought in turbocharging or the FWD platform, instead it has remained a vehicle that is powered by a strong V6 and offers an AWD system that uses torque vectoring to be one of the most engaging rides in a small SUV. This is a fun to drive crossover SUV, but it does lose some of the respect it deserves when you see the fuel mileage numbers.

Lincoln NavigatorWhile the Navigator became less popular than the Cadillac Escalade, this is still an amazing vehicle. Most of us are turned off by a body on frame SUV, but this is one that still has a smooth ride, can carry up to eight comfortably, tow a boat and is now powered by a 3.5-liter turbocharged V6 to give you the fuel mileage you want. The Lincoln quiet cabin and exquisite interior features will make it hard for you to think you should choose any other vehicle and make you wonder why so many are turned off by this vehicle type.

Mitsubishi OutlanderThe Outlander suffers from a lack of respect for the brand altogether. Mitsubishi at one time was a great seller, but has drifted to near extinction if it weren’t for the SUVs offered. The Outlander is a wonderful choice when you want an SUV that drives well, is powered by a V6 engine, offers an awesome Rockford Fosgate Audio system and still gives you the space to fit seven people inside to enjoy the ride wherever you are headed. With new styling, the Outlander looks similar to other models in the category to be a choice you can feel comfortable with.

Smart ForTwoYou might think I’m joking by putting this car on the list or you might think this car deserves to be disrespected, but it doesn’t. The ForTwo is a car that gives you the right city maneuverability to be the perfect car for commuting or going out at night. You won’t have trouble parking this little beauty and the 2016 model brings in some serious upgrades to the technology and the style to make this a subcompact car you can truly love and enjoy.

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