04.19.16 - 2016 Hyundai Veloster

When you make a vehicle it doesn’t have to conform to every idea of what that vehicle should be. That has been the ongoing statement from many automakers who love to create some of the funkiest models for us to enjoy. The beauty of these vehicles is the fact they are also made for utility and practicality while offering a style that makes you look at them, even if you don’t want to. Another great benefit to most of these is the fact they are all extremely affordable which is always a huge plus for most customers.

Kia SoulThis tall and boxy hatchback has been a favorite even before the hamsters started driving it in the commercials. The square shape allows for more room on the inside for hauling what you need and the variety of colors you can choose along with the low stance make this one funky hatchback to love. On the inside you can enjoy a two-tone brown and black Nappa leather interior or you can admire some of the most interesting connectivity features from the infotainment that is included in the Soul. No matter how you want to enjoy it, a base price of $16,650 is a great place to start and know you will have a great deal.

Hyundai VelosterThe Veloster has been the enigma of the automotive world for a few years now and I think that is just how it likes things. This has been considered a sports car and it’s been looked at as a hatchback. What it really is for us is a small hatchback that has a tiny door next to the passenger door for easier access to the rear seat. This car is fun to drive on the road and offers a look that you will enjoy every time you head out for a drive. At a base price of $18,835, this is a powerful bargain.

Fiat 500LWhen you look at an Italian design you immediately expect it to have a higher starting price than $20,940, but that’s exactly where this car begins. As a small urban hatchback this car is comfortable on the city streets and the round eye headlights and bright color choices you can make are perfect to go with the look and feel of a car that loves to be looked at while you carry lots of stuff from one apartment to the next.

Fiat 500XIf the aforementioned 500L is not large enough for you stepping up to the 500X will only cost you and increase in base price of $600. This small crossover SUV gives you more space in a vehicle that looks and acts extremely cheerful in its endeavors. Even with this small look you can haul lots of items to your new location and because it can be had with AWD this is a fun vehicle to take out on some light trails when you have a couple days off to get away from the world.

Nissan JukeThis is the vehicle to blame for the craze we feel for these small crossovers. This funky styled SUV offers an exterior with the looks you can’t stop staring at and plenty of room inside to give you a great place to put all your gear. This is another one of those interesting (funky) vehicles that has a look and a color pallet you will love to choose from and shows up with an interior that is retro chic on the inside. The base price of $21,150 makes this an affordable choice for anyone just getting started.

Kia SportageThe Sportage has been through several different builds and the one for 2017 looks to be one of the most attractive yet, but it still has some funky features for you to enjoy. With a base price of $23,885 the Sportage features a front grill that appears to belong on your Halloween Jack-O-Lantern and not on the front of an SUV that is meant to take you on an adventure. This new Sportage is larger than ever to give you room for people and stuff to wherever you plan to go in a vehicle that is built to travel.

Jeep CherokeeAt first glance you might think this vehicle got lost. This is supposed to be the funky list, right? Take another look and see what is missing. The round-eye headlights are not on this Jeep as it has narrow slits for headlights. At a base price of $24,390 you might want to find things that are typical Jeep but even the grill is different. Yes, it does have the seven slots but they are angled and bent in a more aerodynamic look than many of the other models in the Jeep lineup that have them vertically positioned.

Mini ClubmanThis could be the winner of the funky style aware. With a wide-mouth grill and round eye headlights the Clubman looks like a stretched out version of the Cooper. The beauty of this utilitarian vehicle is that it offers more space than any other Mini to give you plenty of room to put all your stuff and still have five people riding along to wherever you want to go. At the base price of $24,950 funky doesn’t come at the cheapest, but this vehicle is still extremely affordable and can be the car you enjoy showing off to the world around you.

Toyota PriusHow did a Prius make this list? With its aggressive new appearance, that’s how. This car from the front appears to have a front end that is making room underneath for something and the headlights and angles of the metal resemble a shark in many ways. The smooth line from the hood to the roof still invokes an air of aerodynamic and with the massive fuel mileage you will enjoy in the Prius you can have the looks and keep on rolling. This new Prius starts at $25,035 for you to enjoy.

Nissan MuranoThis is one of the most popular SUVs for Nissan and they have absolutely embraced some of the most interesting appearances ever. The profile view of the Murano shows off a window in the rear that narrows but doesn’t end in the D-Pillar. The front end features the floating-V grill and the entire vehicle seems to offer a floating and in motion look with lots of curves and angles. This SUV does give you several great choices for colors including some vibrant ones and comes in at a base price of $30,560, which is affordable and a great place to start with a vehicle that will have others looking your way.

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