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It seems every automaker on the market has something new to prove each year. This year Subaru has impressed the world with the announcement of a new scalable platform that will underpin every single model in the brand. This will have a dramatic impact on Subaru as a whole and give us a lineup of vehicles that are similar across the board to make it easy to choose which one is right for use to drive. Just find the one that fits your family and your needs and you are off with the Subaru model that is perfect for your driving habits.

Subaru has been known for the AWD setup that is in every vehicle save the BRZ and the boxer engines that offer the low and fully-centered center of gravity along with the new Eyesight suite a safety features which make for all the driver information we could want. This makes the Subaru vehicles some that are the most admired for driving, especially when it comes to harsh weather and the exceptional AWD system that has been perfected over the years the company has been in business. With all that is good, what could Subaru do to improve upon what it already has?

The goal for Subaru is a pursuit of “Enjoyment and Peace of Mind” which can allow for owners to have a better drive than before. With this in mind the new platform will be between 70 and 100 percent stiffer than before, the center of gravity is even lower and the rear stabilizer bar is being attached directly to the body to improve the body roll up by as much as fifty percent. The noise, vibration and harshness of the ride have been reduced with these new improvements to allow you to have a great ride in a much quieter vehicle. When in a collision this new platform will absorb the impact as much as forty percent better than the models we currently enjoy.

This new platform will have several benefits for Subaru. First of all, the stable straight-line steering will allow this to be a great platform to use when building autonomous driving vehicles. This platform is also designed to have hybrid, plug-in hybrid and EV powertrains built from it to give Subaru the flexibility it needs to offer a complete lineup of vehicles for us to enjoy when each one is developed from this single platform.

Another benefit to Subaru is a serious money savings by having only one platform. By using this build scheme the brand can build more than one model at an assembly plant which will save money as will the fact that this is a single platform. This change is great compared to keeping multiple platforms in the company and the need to manage each of them. With this savings Subaru plans to put money back into the research and development of their next generation of vehicles which makes for a winning formula for us and for a company that will now build everything from one platform.

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