Porsche 918

The movement toward electric drivetrains what not as popular many years ago as it is today.  With the first offering of the Prius and then several others that have come along only to improve the range, the power, the fuel consumption we now have a world where a hybrid or even an electric car can be just as if not more powerful than what can be had with just a gasoline powered engine.  Take for example the Porsche 918 which has a multitude of power offerings from its drivetrain to find ways to up the horsepower for you.

At a company called EV West, the goal is to fit older model cars with electric power.  Most of us who bought a car back in the heydays of cars and power that we thought would never be part of any kind of electric propulsion evolution might want to take advantage of the services offered by this company.  This could change the driving we do in a way that gives us quieter rides and a much greener form of transportation than what we are currently using in our older cars to give us a balance of both driving and efficiency.

Many of us with our older models may worry this company can’t help us when we want power.  Let’s look at what they have done.  Their idea was to build a custom electric BMW M3 to compete in the Pikes Peak Hill Climb.  This car is meant to be safer and give us a car that would not set fire in a crash, or at least is less likely to because of the lack of liquid fuel.  In 2011 the M3 they built was able to make the run and turned in a very respectable time in order to be a real contender and be taken seriously.

The team at EV West is currently working on a Ferrari 308 that will gain an electric drivetrain and should be able to take to the roads soon.  One of the mottos of this team is to give us electric cars that have nearly double the horsepower of the original model, which certainly should put a smile on many of your faces, especially those of you who are seriously considering adding an electric power system to your older model car.  With this team on the job you will be able to experience more power than before and still drive your favorite ride.

Imagine driving down the road in a nearly quiet running car with the electric motor humming and still enjoying the look and feel of your old favorite car.  You could even take to the track with the boosted horsepower and show off to all your buddies who would be absolutely amazed by the added power that is now sitting under your hood.  This change toward more power with electric motor could seriously change some of the racing dynamics going toward the future and allow us to see what speeds and power the technologies will give us next.

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