KIA Optima 2016

Sedans are the largest class of vehicle on the market and offer the most economical option in most cases for owners to enjoy.  Offering great fuel efficiency as well as excellent performance and capability, sedans are general the most affordable vehicles not only to purchase but also to operate.  With so many sedans on the market, and general the vehicle that is chosen as the daily commuter car or the one used for running errands.  Sedans are great for a small family to enjoy and are easy to drive wherever the road may take the owner and their passengers.  Here are the top ten most reviewed sedans for 2015.

Honda AccordWith a long history of reliability as well as being a fantastic car for anyone to own, the Accord offers a great deal of enjoyment on the road.  The Accord has a large amount of options to choose from including different trims and engines to enjoy some power or a great deal of fuel efficiency.  The Accord has been a fan favorite for many years, going back to its inception, and is a good looking car that offers owners a fuel efficiency of 24 city/34 hwy mpg to be able to keep driving for a long time.

Buick LaCrosse The LaCrosse comes in as a luxury sedan that isn’t tagged with a high luxury price.  that might lead to why it has been reviewed so many times so far, and the LaCrosse is certainly worth the attention.  The LaCrosse is very handsome in true Buick style and containing a huge amount of Buick luxury features inside the vehicle to enjoy.  The LaCrosse is a fantastic choice for a night out for a couple or as the daily commuter car to make the commute very enjoyable.  The fuel efficiency comes in at 17 city/26 hwy mpg for owners to enjoy and appreciate.

Nissan AltimaThe Nissan Altima is a highly popular car that shows up as one of the fan favorites for driving and capability.  The Altima is a great car that offers exceptional steering and suspension allowing owners the ability to enjoy a great drive on any road.  With exceptional good looks and an understated styling the Altima is a joy to look at.  Driving the Altima offers owners and passengers plenty of cool features and equipment inside to take full advantage of.  The Altima has a 27 city/38 hwy mpg.

Ford TaurusThe Ford Taurus may be the most popular Ford outside of the F150.  The Taurus has been a popular car that offers a great deal of great style and enjoyment.  Having transformed from a plain and unattractive car that was a basic and dialed down offering, the Taurus of recent years is one of the most feature laden offerings.  The Taurus, in true Ford style has a ton of great possibilities for owners to enjoy and take full advantage of.  The Taurus offers very enjoyable fuel efficiency of 18 city/26 hwy mpg.

Kia OptimaThe Kia Optima has gained a ton of interest and popularity in recent years.  Once a car that offered little to no actual enjoyable features, the Optima now can be feature laden and easily compete up the line into premium classes.  The Optima is a sensible and stylish choice for anyone needing a great commuter car or daily driver for running errands in style and comfort.  As one of the best choices on the market today, the Kia Optima offers owners a fuel efficiency of 23 city/34 hwy mpg to enjoy the ride.

With five great sedans to choose from, only one on this list is considered a luxury model and the other four are actually some of the most popular cars on the market today and for many years.  The choice from this list could be a difficult one to make, but regardless of which car of the five is chosen, any owner is sure to purchase an awesome car to drive.

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