Volkswagen Jetta TDI Cup

BMW has led the charge for great driving sedans since the 1980s when they showed up with the M3.  Others have followed with their own performance variants, but we often don’t think of them because of the notoriety of the M3 and the AMG performance models from Mercedes-Benz.  Even though these might not be your typical choice for a performance sedan, they can all give you the drive and performance you want in order to be great cars to own.  With that in mind I offer you ten sedans you should consider although many are going to be models of the past, but it’s still worth a look.

Nissan Altima SE-RIn 2005 there was a performance based Altima offered that had a stiffer suspension and more horsepower along with forged wheels.  This car offers an engaging ride from one of our current favorites to be a lot of fun on the road.

Ford SVT ContourThis car was one that didn’t look like much at all.  It was plain from the outside but it certainly had it where it counted on the inside with a great engine and an awesome suspension that made it a lot of fun to drive.

Mazda Millennia SThe Millennia S was compared to the BMW when it was made.  It offered a similar performance and power to the lauded German machine but at a much more affordable price than the BMW ever offered.

Acura TSXOne of the few sedans in a world of luxury cars that offered a six-speed manual transmission, the TSX was a great choice but was often overlooked.  Spirited and fun to drive this little sedan gave you a ride when you got behind the wheel that made you want to keep on driving.

BMW 330i ZHPWhen you didn’t want to pay the top dollar for the M3 this was the car you purchased.  It offered less power, but had more doors and still benefited from the higher performance suspension and direct steering that makes the BMW lineup one that has be lauded for so long.

Mazdaspeed ProtégéIn true Mazda fashion, the Mazdaspeed Protégé gained some awesome power as it came into the final two or three years of production.  This car offered nice power and a lot of control to offer a sporty sedan that had everything you wanted in a drive.

Mitsubishi Galant VR4The Galant was loved until the end and still is ac car we want to drive but the VR4 took it much farther.  This was a car that could handle rally car competitors and eat them for lunch in a shell that didn’t look like much more than a simple sedan.

Saab 9-3 Turbo XSaab was a great car company before it finally had to be dissolved.  They were known for an engaged driving experience and the Turbo X gave you AWD, 280 horsepower, and a lot of fun on the road.

Volvo 850 T5 R The wagon was the preferred variation of this car and it surprised us all as an R-model that was a wagon.  Not many companies would try this approach, but Volvo gave it ago and this was one of the best driving wagons ever to hit the road.

Volkswagen Jetta TDI CupThis cool little car was made for the TDI Cup races, but was sold to the public and would be a great drive for anyone.  Volkswagen has long put the driving right where it belongs, in the hands of the driver and give us cars that make it easy for us to have a great ride.

Even if you forgot about these cars, they didn’t forget about you.  Most can be had at preowned prices and will still give you the ride you want.  When we step behind the wheel of a car we are looking for a control and drive that gives us great handling, some power and makes us a huge part of the actual ride; these cars make that happen.

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