01.09.17 - Lamborghini Huracan race

While we mostly want to see you race your car at the track if you’re going to race it, the way this video was set up seems to be a fairly safe way to race as well, minus the added safety benefits that are required at a track. The scene is somewhere in Mexico where you won’t get in as much trouble for racing and where there are more empty and open roads to perform a race of this nature. Now that the safety and caution message has mostly been covered, let’s get down to it.

What would you think of a Lamborghini versus a Dodge? In most cases you would probably think it wasn’t a fair fight, with the Lamborghini being a supercar that offers impressive speed, a lightweight and a ton of power from the engine. The model used in this race was a 2015 Huracan and it was certainly built to be fast and give the race it needed to on the road. This car was low, quick and ready and when you see the video you’ll notice it took off from the line faster than the Dodge every single time.

Of course, the fairness of the fight isn’t as much an issue if the Dodge in question has the Hellcat engine under the hood. For this particular racing video the Dodge used was a 2015 Challenger with the Hellcat engine that brings 707 horsepower to the table in order to give the boost and impressive performance needed. This single factor from under the hood of the car makes a huge difference in the drive and the power that’s found and used for this car. While the Challenger might lag behind off the line, there’s something special that takes place during the racing of this car.

As you watch the video you might notice the racing is pretty close throughout the time of the race. Each run is only a straight line power shot, which is a lot of fun to watch, but it seems like the wrong place for one of the two cars to be racing. The talent of the drivers in each car could also be in question, but the performance and the environment in place is a certain factor as you watch the race. It may seem like the super expensive Italian car should win these races, but that’s not the case.

Why did the Hellcat win so many of these runs? The reason is simple, the Challenger was built for the straight line speed and came with insane power. The fact the car didn’t have to be turned or try and brake through corners makes a difference in the drive. If the two cars had raced on a track with a specific number of laps in mind, the Lamborghini would have won easily, but because this is a straight line run with enough room for the Hellcat to get up to speed and bring the bulk down the road, the Challenger won easily.

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