01.09.17 - Car for Sale

There’s no doubt the best deal you can get on your car is the one you can make. When you trade your car in at a dealership you’re likely to get an offer which is much lower than the Blue Book value of your vehicle because of the work the dealership will have to put into reselling your car. Rather than trade in your ride, get a great price by selling it yourself, but do so with these six easy to follow tips to help you get the right price for you on the car you’ve loved for many miles already.

Value – The first thing you need to know is what your car is worth. Are you going to be able to get the book value for your car or are you looking hopefully at a junker that should be traded in? Do a little research and find out how much this car should cost before you list it that way you know you’re listing an asking price that’s fair for you and the next owner. Don’t forget to include factors such as new stereo equipment or the features that are built in when you calculate this number.

Paperwork – Put together the service records and your vehicle history report so that interested buyers can see that you’re not hiding anything when it comes to the vehicle you’re trying to buy. The vehicle history report will cost you a little bit of money, but it’s worth it when you show that you’ve maintained the vehicle the right way and are showing a car that’s as good as you’ve advertised it to be.

Detail Cleaning – You need to clean every inch of the car and make sure it’s in pristine condition, or as close as you can get. This will help you ask for a fair price and get it. No one wants to buy a vehicle that’s dirty or that they have to clean themselves before they drive. Put on the wax, fill in the scratches and make this car shine so that you can show off a vehicle that’s something you’ve been proud to own for the past few years and is ready for you to sell to the next owner.

Photos – Take tons of high-quality pictures of the car. Make sure some are from the inside and some on the outside of the vehicle. Be mindful of the background when you take the pictures so that you appear to be at least somewhat professional in your approach. Try to capture every detail of the car and don’t hesitate to take more pictures. The better visual picture you can paint of your car the more likely you’ll be to have interested parties right away.

Post – Make sure the post you put up regarding your car is detailed and will capture the attention of anyone reading the post looking for a great car to drive. Focus on the most important part of the car you’re selling so readers will know what you’re selling and what its biggest benefit is to them. Extensively cover the details such as all the features and equipment of the car. If it has any issues, you need to add that to the post so that you aren’t hiding anything; transparency is key in this process.

Negotiate – Before you meet the first interested party, consider the lowest possible price you’ll be willing to accept for the used vehicle you’re selling. Don’t go below this price. If you end up not selling your vehicle the worst that happens is you continue to keep and drive the car you already own for a bit longer. That’s not such a bad thing in the long run. If you’ve taken the rest of the advice in this post, the negotiation should come out on your side every time.

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