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Ride sharing is becoming a cloudy term that means different things to different people. Some feel like the cars they hire from Uber and Lyft are ride sharing but in this definition all you are doing is sharing the ride. This is akin to splitting a taxi and once the car leaves you at your destination you’re done with it and the driver for the time being. WaiveCar has a different form of ride sharing that makes more sense for you that brings you the type of driving you want to enjoy and offers you the independence you want.

WaiveCar has been able to bring you a new way to drive in the Los Angeles area and is partnering with Hyundai to offer the new compact car, the IONIQ, on the roads starting in January of 2017. This new ride sharing program will be offered at no charge to you for the first two hours of driving. This means you could drive a new IONIQ and learn if this is a car you want to enjoy and not have to pay anything for two hours of time, giving you one of the bet test drives you’ll ever have.

This partnership is made possible because WaiveCar will run this program on advertising dollars alone. As you drive, sponsored ads will be displayed on the ad board on top of the car, which will show off the IONIQ to the masses in the Los Angeles area. This means you’re essentially a driving advertisement for the car, but you also have the benefit of using a new Hyundai IONIQ for two hours free of charge. That sounds like a pretty easy to live with trade off to me and makes a lot of sense for you if you need a car for a short period of time.

The new IONIQ is an electric car that will give you the emissions free drive that is perfect for any California city, especially a large one like Los Angeles. This car brings the opportunity to customers to drive a new car while bringing the awareness of the car to the city. If you need to drive for more than two hours the cost is minimal at another $5.99 per hour. This ride sharing is easy for you to execute and includes the insurance coverage you need to make sure you can drive and have the ride you want as you test out this new car.

Ride sharing in this way is made easy through a connected network. Once you schedule your two hour block of time all you have to do is meet the car at a designated location and the car will unlock remotely. The keys are inside for you to start up and go as you have a great time testing out the new IONIQ to see if this is a car that you will want to make your own in the future. This partnership could prove to be the best way for Hyundai to bring the new IONIQ to our market and let us see what it is. Plans are already in place to bring this car to three more cities across the country in the near future with the same program partnership.

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