12.20.16 - Apple CarPlay

One of the most fun parts about driving a car you love is tricking it out with parts and accessories that make it easier for you to enjoy the benefits of how you want to drive. When that vehicle is made by Volkswagen you can have a plethora of aftermarket items that can be right for the ride and give you that added feature you’ve been looking for. Loving your VW model is easy and when you add any of these great accessories you can enjoy the ride and the added benefit they give you.

Roof Top Cargo Carriers – There are several different roof top cargo rails you can add to your VW model that make a difference in your ability to carry along the items you want to enjoy on the road. You’ll love the benefit of a great roof rack when you want to go skiing, snowboarding, kayaking or biking on some fun trails, slopes and rapids. When you don’t need the roof rails you can remove them in order to maintain the aerodynamics of you want to enjoy.

Suspension Bushing Kit – There are several bushing kits that are made for VW models to help give your ride more performance. Most factory bushings are soft and offer you the ride that is factory correct, but if you want a stiffer ride that can give you the performance you’ve desired in your car that can make a huge difference for your car with a kit of bushings that aren’t expensive at all but can seriously make a difference in your ride.

Performance Upgrades – You can ask for more power from your engine with performance upgrades such as a Cold Air Intake Kit or a Cat-Back Exhaust system to soup up your Golf GTI. Both of these will push more air into the engine of the car and help give you a more enjoyable sound from the engine while also bringing you more power that you can enjoy when you find that stretch of open road or at the track where you choose to race.

Improved Boost – When you want the turbocharger to perform at its best there are two things that you can add that will give you the most power out of your turbo. First is an intercooler which needs to be upgraded in order to give the car more power; the factory one isn’t your best bet at all. The second item is a boost gauge which can help you see how your turbocharger is performing while you’re driving.

Body Upgrades – Put a more distinctive look to your car with body kits that will give you a sportier appearance. You can add items such as spoilers, side skirts, chrome trim, carbon fiber accents and custom lighting. You can add wheels and performance items as well, but upgrading the body is less expensive than upgrading the performance of your VW and gives you a look that will impress.

Stereo System – You can have an improved audio system that will give you the most items you want to enjoy. If your VW doesn’t’ have items such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto you can have these added by picking the right stereo system for your car that can have the screen which looks awesome and adds the integrated beauty you want in your VW model.

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