12.19.16 - Nissan R34 Skyline GT-R Police Cruiser

One of the cars that couldn’t be brought to the US that we wanted to have on our roads and tracks for many years is the Nissan Skyline but it wasn’t allowed to be brought to the US. This car was certainly allowed in Japan and was part of the mistaken horsepower numbers in Japan that had limited all vehicles to a maximum of 276 ponies even though we know now that many of the cars on the road at the time the Skyline was originally built made more power than this, including the Skyline.

While the horsepower argument of the time was interesting enough, the R34 Skyline GT-R from Nissan is a vehicle that offered a turbocharged six-cylinder engine that was called Godzilla. This is a car that was capable of reaching 186 mph and offered a serious power and speed that we could enjoy in a variety of ways. This might be a car you would think we’d see more of on the track or heading to the rally races with the way it’s built, but the Japanese had another thought in mind and found a way to use this car to their advantage.

What you can see in the video linked below is the fact that the Skyline has been turned into a Police Cruiser. The person taking the video is obviously excited by the fact he sees an R34 as a patrol car and even has trouble keeping up with the Skyline with its lights on. This is a rare sighting as most of the police cars in Japan are Toyota Crown sedans that aren’t anything special to look at. Like many police units around the world, the Japanese police do have some exotic and rare cars that are used in their fleet, including the R34 in the video.

The Skyline is a car that at one time was fast enough to compete with the Toyota Supras that were raced in Japan along with some other cars that felt like they could be close to being exotic. Other cars that are part of the police fleet include Mazda RX-7s, Honda NSXs and some Nissan Z cars. The amazing part of the video that was taken is the fact that the car was in action at the time with its lights on, in obvious pursuit of someone for some act they had committed.

While we’d simply like to have the R34 Skyline as a car that can be brought to the US, the Japanese have found some of the best uses for this car, especially having it as a police cruiser. This car is one of the most impressive ever made and one that tuners love to have in their collection. Check out this video and enjoy the impressive drive of this car on the highway in Japan. Maybe other police units will take a page out of the book of this one unit and use the Skyline in their fleet of speedy vehicles to take down those who commit crimes.

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