12.20.16 - Apple Headquarters

This codename given to the program by Apple to work to develop technology for a new autonomous car is what we’ve thought was a program by which Apple was developing their own autonomous vehicle. That now has become even more confusing because the leaders of Apple aren’t even giving their own people all the information regarding the project. What this project will actually become is one of the most guarded secretes on the automotive and technology industries and we won’t know what it’s going to be until it shows up on the market.

Is Apple still developing their own vehicle? There’s been nothing to say they aren’t, but there isn’t anything to say the opposite either. That’s one of the biggest challenges for us to understand, but if Apple wants to be coy until the end, there’s very little any of us can do to change their approach. The build up to what they develop and show us when they’re ready is going to be tense and filled with anxious anticipation where we get to see exactly what the new product will be at a specified time. This ambiguous information from the leaders of the company certainly won’t keep us from asking more questions either.

Currently what we know is that Apple is investing heavily in machine learning and automation. This could give them the potential to be a leader in the automotive industry, but not in the build of their own car. Yes, we’ve seen and heard about the Apple cars that have been tested on the road and testing areas, but that doesn’t meant Apple is building their own cars. What it does mean is they are testing their technology and working to develop the right technology for autonomous driving and needed to have vehicles that could show what this development is and how it can be used.

The letter that stated Apple is investing in the machine learning and automation also went as far as to suggest that automakers share date from crashes and near misses so they can design better systems in order to create the right system for the entire industry. Does this mean Apple expects to be the company to develop a single system that can be used across all vehicle platforms and for every automaker going forward? It might, but there are other tech companies, like Google, who are also developing the autonomous technology that might be the right system for many vehicles.

Unfortunately, we know nothing more than what we knew before about the direction Apple plans to go. There is nothing concrete to grab onto to tell us that Apple is or isn’t going to have their own line of vehicles in the future with the Apple symbol on them. As the anticipation builds we’ll get a better look at how the Project Titan becomes what it is going to be and how we’ll be able to enjoy the results of this project in the future. When that time will be, we don’t know at all yet.

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