McLaren 570S

I hear the name McLaren and instantly I think of the P1 and the 650S which are both of the super and ultimate varieties from McLaren.  These models were made to win races, take over the track and leave all the other super cars behind with a wide range of statistics that make them the most active and advanced cars we can find just about anywhere.  Making their hay competing with the Lamborghini and Ferrari models while fully expecting to leave these competitors in the dust which means the expectation is that the 570S is a car that will compete with the Porsche 911 or Audi R8, but McLaren has stated that is not the consideration at all.

The 570S which is to be the new Sport Series car from this lauded automaker is to be a car that is about the driving experience and not about the electronics and systems aboard.  Of course you can’t take these away and still have a real McLaren, even though the company leaders would love to go to the skinny tires and take away the power steering they know it’s necessary to continue to keep much of the technology aboard, but even in doing this, this car is one that is about the feel rather than the numbers.

Feel and feedback in a car that has some of the most advanced systems aboard may be a way to really entice some driving purists in the market to select a car like the 570S.  This is a car that brings back the fun of steering your car in a way that you get to feel what the car is doing, what the road is offering and enjoy the fun of hugging curves and taking on the road ahead in a way that ensures you have the confidence to take the twists and turns out there at the speed you want to drive.

Taking a break from the feel part to look at the numbers we see what has become an important part of every McLaren, the MonoCell II carbon fiber tub.  Behind this tub is the 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine that is mated to a dual clutch seven speed automatic transmission.  This gives you a car that will bring you 562 horsepower and 443 lb.-ft. of torque to entice and excite you on any road.  This is the car that you can take to the track, but certainly can be more fun on the open highways that you can find.

Back on the feel part the suspension is not the ProActive Chassis Control system we are used to on the higher models but instead this car will have anti-roll bars and electronically variable dampers which is a heavier and overall cheaper solution but one that offers you the feel you want to have and gain the feedback is a massive part of this car and its overall personality which is what has become important for the new 570S.

Even though the numbers are certainly dialed down from the two other platforms this car offers acceleration to sixty mph in only 3.1 seconds and can make the run to 124 mph in only 9.5 seconds.  Even though this is quick and exciting, the car is all about the feel and feedback which you can instantly enjoy as you take on the aggressive nature of the driving when you know what the road is offering from the suspension and the steering systems.  This feeling is simply amazing, especially at the higher speeds that make this the perfect car for those who really want to enjoy what a drive should be, at least according to driving purists.

Because of the carbon fiber construction the 570S is much lighter than whatever the competition might actually be.  This car comes in at 3,186 pounds while the Audi R8 shows up at 3,450 pounds.  This gives the 570S an advantage in agility over this direct competition and puts it in line with the Porsche 911 Turbo S.  As a car that regards driver feeling much more than any other aspect you will need at least $187,400 to buy this McLaren, but for one that can be this much fun on the open road and isn’t only made to perform on the track this is a great car to choose.

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