Nissan IDS

The Nissan IDS is one that appears to be the futuristic car that Nissan is developing to give us a car that not only offers a great battery pack but can also drive you wherever you need to go.  The goal at Nissan and at some other automakers is to have a zero emissions and zero fatality car that can be the ride you choose to ensure your safety and enjoy the ride to and from your destination.  The battery pack put in the IDS is a 60-kWh battery and with some autonomous driving technology this may be much closer to a reality than you might think.

As a comparison, because Nissan has not given up any powertrain details other than the wattage, the Leaf, which is the best-selling EV car in the world, has a 30-kWh battery pack and can drive for up to 107 miles on a single charge.  Using the Nissan Intelligent Driving system the IDS could most likely have a similar range from a car that is nearly twice the size and weight of the Leaf.  With this Intelligent Driving system in place the steering wheel will flip away and the car will do all the driving for you.  IN its place you will see a tablet that will allow you to follow along to the driving that is happening in front of you.

Another great feature of the IDS will be the ability to recommend you take a break or stop and eat.  This is based on the system learning your eating habits, which you would have to input and the car using driver drowsiness sensors to figure out if you should take a break for a quick bite by recommending restaurants to you though the car systems.

The overall goal with this car is to offer the world a way to avoid accidents and emissions altogether.  Even though the IDS is still in concept, and certainly won’t be able to come to production anytime soon, it’s obvious that we are seeing the future of cars and what they will be able to do for us.  Whether you will want to trust your driving to the technology at hand is completely up to you, but the IDS does offers a lot of great information and a fantastic idea of what the future may hold.

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