Volvo Limited Model of the Polestar Sells Out Fast

The Volvo team appears to be taking a page out of the notebook of some of the most exotic luxury brands in the European market.

They are doing this by offering an extremely limited number of models for their new car. The new Polestar name is one that’s becoming the sub-brand of Volvo to become the name we admire for performance and quality. Add to that list the limited number of models that will carry the name and you’re going to be amazed by what Volvo has done and how limited a vehicle from this brand has become.

Done Without the App, this Car Sold Out

The newest offering to wear the Polestar name from Volvo is the new S60. This is a car that has been desired and admired since it became a thought in the minds of the engineers at Volvo. The car was able to sell out nearly as fast as the tickets for one of the most advertised concerts in the world. Amazingly, Volvo was able to sell out of this car in this small amount of time without the use of the Care by Volvo app, which means this should be a lauded accomplishment.

Before you begin to wonder how Volvo, which is a mass producer of luxury vehicles, was able to sell out of one vehicle in such a short period of time, the fact you need to know is that the Polestar S60 is a car that is only being built in twenty copies. This limited run made it possible for the car to be snatched up quickly in order to be offered for the many who would want to make this car the right choice for their drive. As a car that comes with a high price when it arrives, the reserve to be one of the twenty was only $500.

What Does the Polestar S60 Offer?

In order to make this a car that would have such a quick and impressive following, Volvo gave it the benefits of the T8 engineering. This car will offer 415 horsepower and 494 lb.-ft. of torque for the drive. This sharp and active sedan is also a plug-in hybrid that will ensure its time to have a great drive. Not only will it have the power desired and the Volvo luxury we admire, but this new car will also be built in the US and all twenty of the models offered are only for US consumption.

A US-built Volvo certainly made it possible for this car to be one that was quickly grabbed for the advantage of being a collector’s item and a special car to drive. Thankfully, Volvo did make some things available to the rest of the world to make sure some of the engineerings could be enjoyed and admired. The Polestar Engine Software Optimization is made available to the next 200 Care by Volvo subscribers that ordered the T6 AWD R-Design model, but that should also sell out quickly and be a feature that many Volvo drivers love and enjoy.

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