Hennessey - Celebrating an Amazing Benchmark

The Hennessey team has been modifying vehicles since 1991 and it continues to be the company that we turn to for upgraded performance.

The largest number of cars that have been upgraded by this company is the Ford Mustang. Because of the fact, a celebration is in order, this team has chosen the Mustang as the car that will be celebrated and modified for the driving performance. Check out the car that will be offered to mark the fact that Hennessey now reaches 10,000models that have been modified.

The Right Car for the Right Occasion

Can you imagine how much fun it would be to have a red Mustang with white stripes to drive? Of course, you can, and since this is a car that we picture when we think of speed and an aggressive ride in a muscle car, this is the one that we’ll love to take out on the road. It’s also the one that Hennessey has chosen for the upgrades and performance improvements to celebrate this benchmark. For other automotive companies, 10,000 might not sound like a celebration, but with the massive modifications and low numbers offered by Hennessey, this is certainly the right time to celebrate.

The Heritage Edition

Hennessey will make a total of 19 of the new Heritage Edition of the Mustang that will be the one to mark the 10,000 cars built. This car will start at a price of $89,950 and it will be built low on the KW Variant 1 springs, rocking six-piston Brembo brakes in the front, four-piston round brakes in the rear, and 20-inch wheels that are specially designed by Hennessey. These upgrades offer incredible performance and give this car an amazing amount of style for the drive.

As you would expect, Hennessey has improved the engine of this car with a three-liter supercharger. This addition makes it possible for you to have 808 horsepower and 677 lb.-ft. of torque for the fun and active performance, you want when you drive. With this power under the hood, this Mustang will rocket to sixty mph in only 3.3 seconds and finish a quarter-mile in only 10.7 seconds. This power might be able to make the car head up to as much as 200 mph, but that hasn’t been tested yet, although it will be exciting to see if it does reach this mark.

Only a Few to Choose

With only nineteen of these models being built, it’s the only way this car can be ordered. There are a few carbon fiber items that can add more aerodynamics to cut the weight of the car. Only a few people will have the ability to enjoy this car and make it the one that’s perfect for them on the track, but it’s certainly an excellent way to have the right car and a lot of fun from Hennessey. There’s no doubt this is the perfect car to celebrate 10,000 models being built.

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