2016 BMW 3-Series

Year after year the BMW 3-Series was the sport sedan model others were trying to compete with and come anywhere near. Unfortunately, with recent advancement and hard work, the likes of Mercedes-Benz, Cadillac and Audi have brought us models that are just as good as the 3-Series and in some cases even better. With this stiff competition, the engineers of BMW went back to the drawing board to create a car that was even better than before and regain their step up on the competitors.

The new 3-Series for 2016 shows up with a menu of improvements that have absolutely nothing to do with the look of the car, but have much more to do with the function and performance of this awesome machine. With the most important changes taking place under the hood and skin of the car the BMW 3-Series is poised to regain its front position as the leader in this class.

Starting the changes the chassis has become significantly more dynamics with new front struts and revised rear dampers to help reduce roll and improve the directional stability of the car. These changes also allow a better steering precision for all three models and suspension setups. A new Track Handling package is available on all models but the diesel and the 18-inch wheels give a much better feel when driving the new 3-Series.

Under the hood, the engine remains the N20 turbocharged four-cylinder engines that are found in the 320i and 328i but the new N55 turbocharged inline six-cylinder engine is used as the new engine offering for the 3-Series. This new engine offers a 3.0-liter displacement and makes a strong 320 horsepower and 330 lb.-ft. of torque. This new engine also allows the 340i to reach sixty mph in only 4.8 seconds with the rear-wheel drive aboard and 4.6 seconds when the xDrive is included.

Other new features of this car are in place for better functionality and an overall more luxury-laden appearance. These include the Led headlights and taillights as well as the new shape to the bumpers that bring them closer to the look of the 4-Series. These changes offer a smoother appearance and lighting that is now found on many car that are not even in the luxury category, so of course it’s expected LEDs would be on a luxury model.

The new, mid-generation changes made to the BMW 3-Series offer it a better look more power and a driving dynamics that quickly brings this car back to the top of the class. The new 2016 models will show up at BMW dealers later this year, and give you a chance to see, feel and experience the awesome new features and driving for yourself. With these changes happening at this point in the 3-Series generation, the thought would be when it’s time for the new generation to take place this car may see a complete redesign and be offered as a different model altogether, but for now we have the newly renovated 3-Seires to enjoy.

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