McLaren P1 GTR

McLaren burst on the scene several years ago by having a 24 Hours of Le Mans victory on its first attempt at the highly touted race. The car driven was McLaren F1 and run by Lanzante Motorsport which has maintained a relationship with McLaren ever since. Now McLaren has its racing monster in the form of the P1 GTR that Lanzante has helped them produce, which is ultra-powerful and built for the racetrack. What seems like it could not be possible, is exactly what Lanzante and McLaren are working to make happen which is a racecar that is street legal for all of us to fully enjoy.

Actually, and with no real surprise only a handful of people will be able to get their hands on a street legal version of the PT GTR because it will offer a price tag that many won’t be able to come close to affording even if they saved for their entire lives, but for those who can afford this awesome car it will certainly be a treat.

How do you convert a racing car into a street legal machine that behaves well on the road with other inexperienced drivers? The first answer is very carefully. Without any details being offered on specifics, the new McLaren P1 GTR street legal car will be taken on a case by case basis. By approaching sales and demand for this car in this manner, Lazante will be able to determine how long a car will take to create based on how the owner plans to use the car.

Even taking the “case by case” approach the company promises to maintain its current position by offering a more powerful, faster and more aggressive car than any other on the road. With the signature S-shaped cutouts on the front and the low swept back look that leads to a wide flare behind the tires on up to the rear-seated engine that gives the car awesome power to the rear wheels, it’s easy to see why this would be a priority for the street legal versions.

The first street legal P1 GTR should roll off the line later this year and in an interesting take on this project McLaren will not put its full attention to the project but instead assign its MSO division to assist Lanzante in creating this awesome new super car for those few who can afford it to own.

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