Mazda MAZDA3

Running the list from sixth to first, this half of the list all carries a higher safety rating than the first with all six having a five-star NTSA overall crash test rating.  These six hatchbacks offer not only the best in safety, but also have some great style and easy to enjoy fuel efficiency and even some great control features making them very enjoyable for any owner.

Scion tC The tC although a hatchback appears to look more like a sedan allowing the car to be of a different style than the typical wedge shape offered by many of the hatchback vehicles. The Scion tC even looks a bit sporty and has a very energetic engine and some great control features that offer a fantastic ride for owners to enjoy.  The tC comes into the list with a 23 city/31 hwy mpg which is very easy to enjoy when driving past the pumps.

Mazda MAZDA3In sedan or hatchback mode the MAZDA3 is an awesome vehicle to enjoy.  Carrying the mantra of “zoom zoom” from Mazda with an energetic engine and athletic stance the MAZDA3 is a great car for many to choose.  The MAZDA3 carries in a great fuel efficiency to go along with the handing and engine showing up at 29 city/40 hwy mpg.

Kia SoulThe Soul is a bit different from the rest of the hatchbacks on this list, like the Scion tC it doesn’t have the typical wedge shape, but looks instead more like a very small SUV.  The Soul offers a great deal of space inside to enjoy and comes in with a 23 city/31 hwy mpg for owners to take full advantage of.

Hyundai VelosterThis confused hatchback shows up on a ton of lists as a great coupe, sports car, and hatchback.  The Veloster enjoys a unique design with a third door on the passenger side and has a very interesting front fascia for owners to boast about.  The Veloster enters the list with a fuel efficiency of 26 city/35 hwy mpg.

Chevrolet VoltThe Volt offers an all-electric mode for better fuel efficiency while driving and comes into the list as the runner up for the list of safest hatchbacks.  The Volt shows up looking a lot like a great sedan rather than a typical hatchback making it a great choice for looks as well as for performance.

Chevrolet SonicAt the top of the list is the signature hatchback on the road today in the Chevrolet Sonic.  Larger than the Spark, the Sonic is a great choice and has more room inside than it appears.  Great for the small family to enjoy short riding, or as an awesome back to school car, the Sonic offers fuel efficiency of 25 city/33 hwy mpg to enjoy and boast about. 

With six hatchbacks on this list that offer plenty of options between style, class, and performance.  All six of these offer the five star NTSA crash test safety rating, which is the barometer chosen for this list, but all also offer a great deal of fuel efficiency.  For the sixth through first rated hatchbacks for safety one a couple has the typical wedge design, making them more attractive to the masses.

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