Revving Up Excitement: Major Reveals from the L.A. Auto Show

The L.A. Auto Show recently closed its doors after providing several new car and SUV reveals for us to discuss. This show beat the Detroit Auto Show in a big way.

Will auto shows ever return to their former glory? We certainly hope so, and the most recent show in Los Angeles was much closer to what these shows used to be than the summer’s Detroit Auto Show. Although we expect there will be a time when these shows are virtually silent, which will be a time when every vehicle is powered by electricity, for now, the sounds and smells of traditional auto shows are still part of the fun.

Here are a few debut models to watch from the L.A. Auto Show.

2025 Genesis GV80 and GV80 Coupe

Although this new GV80 looks extremely similar to the current model, this luxury SUV now has a new Coupe version. This coupe is more stylish with a raked back roofline that makes it smooth and impressive. The traditional GV80 still stands upright and brings the luxury goodness expected of this brand. The new GV80 Coupe can be had with an electric-supercharged and twin-turbocharged V6 engine, making it more fun to drive.

2024 Hyundai Ioniq 5 N

Is it time for Hyundai to create a performance-oriented electric SUV? It certainly seems so, and this new Ioniq 5 N appeared at the L.A. Auto Show to amaze the crowd in attendance. This new model receives a plethora of amazing changes to make it more fun and powerful on any road. The Ioniq 5 N goes on sale next year, topping the list of compact electric SUVs. Could this new Hyundai find its way to your driveway?

2024 Kia Sorento X-Pro

Another of the Hyundai Motors debuts that made it across the stage is the new 2024 Kia Sorento X-Pro. This new Sorento brings an impressive off-road focus with a set of beefier tires and a lifted suspension to provide more ground clearance and a better tread path. The Sorento X-Pro follows the larger Telluride X-Pro to the market, delivering a new lineup of SUVs that are ready to take on the trails. While not as hardcore as a Jeep Wrangler, this Sorento could be a lot of fun on most trails.

2025 Lucid Gravity SUV

The Lucid Air was groundbreaking, offering the longest EV driving range in the market with no competition until recently. The latest offering at the L.A. Auto Show is the Lucid Gravity SUV, which should top the charts with at least 440 miles of driving range and a fast charging time. This new Gravity SUV needs to be more sales-friendly than the Air to break ground in America and be a true challenger to the Tesla Model X and Rivian R1S.

2025 Subaru Forester

Many people enjoy the drive and off-road nature of the Subaru Forester. This two-row SUV is new for 2025, hanging onto many of the features and qualities that we love and admire about this Subaru SUV. This new model has plenty of visibility and a tall seating height, making it a great choice for your fun on the trails. Not everyone will love the Forester’s styling, but that doesn’t matter; this SUV has been a successful compact SUV for many years, and it should continue to be a lot of fun for many drivers.

2025 Toyota Crown Signia

The Toyota Crown is a bit of an oddity in the automotive world, but the Crown Signia that crossed the stage at the L.A. Auto Show is an upscale crossover that could easily wear the Lexus badge. The Crown in America is an SUV, and it’s offered as a hybrid-only product that will replace the Venza in the lineup. The Crown is a lifted, four-door, three-box crossover that could easily become a hit in North America.

2025 Toyota Camry

The next-generation Toyota Camry was the headliner of the show this year. While not generally considered exciting, this midsize sedan’s new model grabbed a lot of attention from the crowd. Starting with this 2025 model, the Camry will only be offered with hybrid powertrains. This is the next logical step for a brand that’s transitioning nearly every vehicle to hybrid powertrains. The Camry is one of the top models in the midsize sedan world, as it’s been for nearly 40 years. This new model takes the Toyota Camry to the next level.

These seven vehicles are new offerings that debuted at the L.A. Auto Show, giving us a glimpse at the future of several vehicles from various brands. Will one of them be the new vehicle you want to drive every day?

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