What Are the Coolest New Car Features Offered?

The automotive market is transitioning to electric vehicles with high-tech items. Let’s take a look at some of the coolest new car features you’ll find.

Whether you’re looking at what the latest EVs bring to the table or you see some impressive new safety devices, automotive technology has come a long way in the past few years. If you drive a modern car, truck, or SUV, there’s a better-than-average chance that you’ll find something new and interesting that wasn’t part of previous vehicles. Here are ten items that are new to the market that make things much better.

Electric vehicles add frunks to the market

What are automakers doing with the engine bay of EVs. While some EVs are being built on modern platforms with expanded cabin areas, those electric vehicles built on classic platforms have a space in the front where the gas engine used to reside. This brings us to the frunk. Ford did the frunk the best in the F-150 Lightning, which has a 14.1 cubic area that can carry 400 pounds and has four power outlets to draw up to 2.4 kWh from the battery pack.

Virtual mirrors are a think of the future

Some concept vehicles are being shown with side-view cameras instead of side-view mirrors. Once legislation passes to allow these new devices, we won’t see the mirrors any longer. The cameras can offer a wider view that removes the blind spot entirely from the driving experience. These cameras display the image of the side area next to a vehicle on a screen to give you the desired information during your drive. These cameras can increase the fuel mileage or driving range of a vehicle because they reduce the drag coefficient.

Angled movement around obstacles

One of the coolest new features heading to the market is called Crab Walk, and it’s part of the new GMC Hummer EV pickup truck. This massive electric truck is made to take over the wilderness world and handle every trail or path to where you want to go. The Crab Walk mode allows the front and rear wheels to turn in opposite directions to reduce the turning radius, but they can also move in the same direction to allow the vehicle to drive diagonally at low speeds.

The connected car is here

Your smartphone is married more closely to your vehicle than ever before. It wasn’t long ago that Android Auto and Apple CarPlay were new to the market, but today, you can connect wirelessly to these systems in most vehicles. Additionally, most vehicles come with a branded app to give you information from your car right on your phone. This new development makes it much easier to own a modern vehicle.

Camp Mode makes outdoor fun more comfortable

Rivian has created a pair of adventure vehicles that are made to be more fun out in the wilderness, where you want to have a lot of fun. The R1S and R1T both have one of the coolest new car features that make room for sleeping in them. The R1S is the SUV model, and it allows you to keep the heat or air going all night without any engine noise. The suspension of these EVs can also level out the vehicle when you park on a slope.

Your new vehicle will remind your to sleep

Although you shouldn’t fall asleep while driving, many drivers push themselves too far, and one of the coolest new car features offered is a drowsiness monitor. This system detects when you’re behaving in a way that shows you’re not as alert as you should be. You’ll receive visual and audio cues to either take a nap or change drivers. Some cars even pull the car over to the side of the road to keep you and the vehicle safe.

Better engines mean more power from smaller displacement

The new Chevrolet Corvette Z06 uses a smaller engine than the base Stingray model, but the Z06 is the high-performance model. The technology used to create this engine makes it one of the coolest new car features and the most powerful naturally aspirated V8 engine ever made. This engine is a 5.5-liter model that produces 670 horsepower with a redline at 8,600 rpm. The engine tech for this model shows what modern equipment can do to make high-performance cars a lot more fun.

You won’t need to check your tire pressure in new models

Most new vehicles come standard with a tire pressure monitoring system that constantly measures the air pressure in all four tires. This feature means you no longer need to perform periodic manual tire pressure checks. These systems are programmed into your digital instrument cluster and tell you when one of the tires is lower than it should be or you’ve got uneven tire pressure in your wheels. If you receive a low tire pressure alert it’s important to inflate your tires as soon as you can.

Facial recognition for vehicle access

The new Genesis GV60 shows us how far some of the coolest new car features can go to keep your vehicle secure. This new small SUV has a facial and fingerprint recognition feature to scan your face before unlocking the doors. The secondary part of this system requires using a fingerprint scanner that allows you to start the car. This means a person trying to kidnap you or steal your car would need your face and fingerprint before they can do so.

Launch control makes things much more fun

Even though launch control isn’t brand new to the market, it is one of the coolest new car features offered, especially in high-performance machines. Some automakers make this system complicated with several steps, while others make it pretty simple. Regardless, a launch control system requires programming in the car’s computer to prepare the vehicle to take off from the line in a hurry. This system hadshelped reduce many sprint times in the high-performance cars that we love to drive.

What are the coolest new car features you’ll find in your modern machine? Are you ready to use some of these tech-based features to have a much better drive?

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