02.27.16 - 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander

When you head out to shop for a vehicle what do you normally look for? While most of us now start our vehicle shopping online and narrow the search to a few models that need to be test driven before choosing the right one we all have criteria we must stick with . This is normally based upon our budget and lifestyle. For most of us this means forgetting about the high priced ultra-sports car or the long chauffeur driven limousine as our transportation options, leaving us looking to find the vehicle that fits into our needs in a way that will make us feel like we paid a fair price and received a great value for our purchase.

One of the vehicles on the market that always seems to let us feel as if we paid a fair amount and receive a lot more in return is the Mitsubishi Outlander. This SUV is the most affordable in its class and on the market with three standard rows of seats. As with any Mitsubishi model the Outlander has a 10 year/100,000 mile warranty that is one of the key selling points for anyone who shops in this price range.

What has been done to the Outlander for 2016? This SUV that has been a fan favorite for many years has been redesigned inside and out. Mitsubishi boasts more than 100 improvements to the platform, drivetrain, interior and exterior which makes this an SUV that is more dynamic and attractive for us to enjoy the ride.

Looking to the outside we see a new styling that is called “Dynamic Shield”. This is a style that gives the Outlander a bolder look that is more aggressive and artistic than ever. While you will immediately notice this difference it’s not even the most significant of all the changes on this SUV.

One of the carry over features of the Outlander are the engines which have not been changed except to have the four-cylinder engine work with a CVT now. This CVT is the CVT8 that is used on the Outlander Sport to give this SUV a better ride and little to no engine noise at all. With this transmission in place the acceleration has been improved and the fuel economy has been increased to give you an impressive number for driving wherever you need to, which makes the new Outlander an SUV that you should use for all your driving needs.

The drive has been improved, but you may notice a stiffer feel when driving. This is done on purpose because the chassis has been stiffened to give you more control when you drive. The electrically powered steering is excellent, allowing you to feel the responsiveness immediately every time you turn the wheel.

On the inside the first thing you will notice is the quiet. For a vehicle that is on the “affordable” side of the market you don’t expect a quiet cabin, but this one benefits form the higher quality materials that help to deaden the sound in the cabin. The trim is attractive and unique with pieces that look like black bamboo to give you an interesting look. The new stitching and updated materials make for a fresh and upgraded interior. Technology has also been improved to give you a better infotainment system and plenty of awesome driver aids as well to give you a cabin that is one of the most enjoyable places in this price range to drive or ride.

There is no doubt when you drive the new Outlander you will take a couple looks at the sticker price in disbelief. It doesn’t seem like you should be able to get this much vehicle for the price asked for, but the Outlander is a veritable bargain in an automotive world that is filing up with vehicles that are overpriced and won’t fit in your budget. The Outlander can give you the size, seating and versatility you need, make it your next SUV and enjoy years of happy driving.

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