02.22.16 - 2017 Chevrolet Volt

What is your first thought of the Chevrolet Volt? Is it a place holder while we wait for the 200 mile range Bolt? Is it a car that could be better if it offered more energetic driving while in the all-electric mode?

As a stylish sedan that is an EV the Volt shows you a look that has been admired by many and is starting to be copied by those wedge-shaped EVs that have been part of the vehicle lineup we see most of the time. The only question the Volt has ever left us with is whether or not it can perform as well in EV mode as it does when the gasoline engine kicks in. Suffice it to say you will hardly notice there electric motor is doing all the work for the first 53 miles because it operates completely independent of the gasoline engine.

This setup is different from most of the EVs on the market or hybrid powertrains, to bring us the enjoyment of driving that is much different. Yes, the Volt uses regenerative braking to extend the range of the electric motor, but it does so in a way that makes you want to create as much of a range extension as you can. The beauty of this setup is you can choose how to handle the ride.

What do I mean by this? If you don’t want the feeling of the regenerative braking, you can still drive a full fifty miles on a single full charge without worrying about the battery power. Of course it does help that you can feel confident and comfortable knowing the Volt has the backup of the gasoline engine which makes this a car you can drive at any habit you want. If you do choose to watch the EV and help add more range you can add to the distance traveled in EV mode with the use of the regenerative braking to bring in more range. When you do need to use the gasoline engine you will enjoy the full 40 mpg on the highway, giving you a great way to save on fuel costs.

Inside the Volt is a great place to drive from with excellent designs which are similar to what you have enjoyed previously. Now this car will actually hold five people, which is an improvement over the four that were previously able to sit in the car. There are loads of tech features for you to enjoy in this car and have a great ride.

How does this new version give you more? You can be more yourself when driving and not worry about the fuel you have or you can choose to conserve as much EV range as possible and even add to it. This is a car that gives you more abilities to drive the way you want and make it uniquely your own while also keeping more money in your pocket because you will hardly ever have to fill up the gas tank.

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