The next large BMW, the upcoming 8 Series.

The next large BMW, the upcoming 8 Series.

As one of the most admired names in the industry, BMW brings a variety of great ways for you to have the drive and the ride that you want with a series of athletic vehicles that are perfect for you on the road. These cars range from a small sports coupe on up to the large sedan that plays in the height of luxury for you to have the drive you want. The only problem for a few years was the fact that one particular model was mission from the lineup which we had enjoyed on the road for several years.

In January a new BMW was shown testing on the tracks around Germany, but at the time it wasn’t clear what this new car would be. By the look of it, you could see this car was a coupe and not a sedan but the size indicated it could be the next 6 Series or a new model of the 8 Series. If it were to be the 8 Series this car would be new again on the market and become one of the vehicles that offers us a large coupe that’s filled to the brim with the luxury items you want to enjoy.

While all we’ve seen is the spy shots that confirm this is the new 8 Series and once the 6 Series coupe ended production back in February which makes it a sure thing that the new car which was testing is the new 8 Series Coupe. The only information that BMW wanted to offer for us to see on the new 8 Series is the lines in a silhouette that shows what the shape of the car will be when it makes its way to the market and is offered for sale in the next few months.

In order to make sure the market would be ready for the New 8 Series to arrive, BMW has already trademarked the names 850, 860, M860 and M8 to give us an idea of the different models that are in mind for this car which will be offered sometime in the next year or so. As we move forward and BMW figures out which particular auto show they will offer this car as a concept model but with testing already underway and the hints that have been shown, it’s a certainty that we will have the benefit of a new 8 Series model on the market soon.

Adding this model back to the lineup from BMW will make this the item that once again completes the lineup and offers a car that is the large luxury coupe that has been missing. This car will be an active and energetic car that you could have a driver for, but that would take away your fun on the road. We’ll discuss this new BMW more and more as we get closer to its arrival and have more information to share to talk about what makes this a special car for you to consider.

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