05.31.17 - Doggo

05.31.17 - Doggo

If you have a furry friend, more specifically a dog that loves to ride along with you in the car you will have hair in places of your vehicle that you wouldn’t expect. Dogs naturally shed and even at times when they aren’t shedding they can leave hair in your car when you take them for a ride wherever you decide to go. These outings are fun, but if you don’t want to live with dog hair in your car for months on end or you need to clean up your car so that your date for the weekend doesn’t end up sharing your dog hair, you need to clean your car the right way.

There are several items on the market that you can put in your car to help you make sure your car won’t be covered in hair when you park your car or are done with the ride you took your furry friend with you for the day. Even with some of these protective devices that are meant to keep your car free of hair, there will be pet hair in places you wouldn’t expect to have it, but there are ways to remove this hair from your vehicle.

In order to have the hair removed you will need a vacuum, compressed air, gloves, a rubber broom, a Fur-Zoff Stone, a bucket of water and your dog. Using the compressed air you can blow out your carpet and have the hair lifted up so that you can easily vacuum the carpet and get rid of the hair. In order to get lower in the fibers and pull more hair out of the carpet and seats you can use a variety of methods in order to pull up the hair and remove it from your vehicle.

By using a rubber glove that you’ve dipped in water you can rub your hand over the carpet which will lift hair and stick to the glove. Once you have some hair on the glove you need to clean it off in the water and continue the process. This can be done using either the rubber glove, the rubber broom or the Fur-Zoff Stone to work the same way and possibly do even more. With the crevice tool you can vacuum the hair as it’s pulled from the carpet and suck the hair up and remove it from the vehicle to get rid of this hair.

Your furry friend can ride along with you as long as you want them to in order to have a fun ride and enjoy the right way to enjoy time with your pet. With this video from Autoblog and some of the advice here you’ll be able to enjoy a clean car after just a few minutes of cleaning up once you return home from the fun you have out on the road or at the park with your dog. Of course, if you want to minimize the amount of hair in your vehicle, you need to brush your dog before you head out with them in the car to remove some of the unwanted hair.

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