04.25.17 - Audi R8

04.25.17 - Audi R8

One of the cars that we’ve all oohed and ahhed at when it was shown is the Audi R8. This car is sinfully elegant and stylish almost to a fault. The Audi R8 has been the flagship model that shows up every few years to remind us of the way this car can perform on the road and at the track with the amazing power we want to enjoy. While other ideas were tossed about, most of them just had to get tossed out and the R8 that we know and love is currently under development.

What is we want in the R8? We want what we’re used to with a strong drivetrain that uses a V10 engine with the power we need. For this new model the R8 is expected to lose the Quattro AWD system which means the price of the new R8 will actually be reduced by nearly $50,000. That’s excellent news for those of us that want to enjoy this car but can’t come up with the hefty price that’s being asked for by the previous Audi pricing of this car. Now the R8 will be more affordable, which should increase the interest. This new car will be limited to 1,000 units but it may not be the halo supercar that Audi is looking for.

The next idea on the table for a halo car from Audi is the Porsche J1 which is also called the Mission E. With the move toward electric driving and platforms that offer us the look and feel that we want in the EV realm these can be attractive cars to drive and be offered as limited run halo cars with insane power and performance. The platform the Mission E drives on is being made available to Audi, Bentley and Lamborghini to allow these other brands (all part of the Volkswagen Group) to develop their own version of the car.

This could be the answer for Audi as they look to find a car that can create a stronger image for them and make an impression on the road. There could be an EV halo car from Audi as soon as 2020 and it would sit above the R8 in the lineup which means it would carry the price and the presence needed to be the car that is at the pinnacle for this brand.

Having a new R8 hit the market and seeing the fact that a new EV halo car could be on the way makes the Audi brand one that you need to keep an eye on. The R8 will show up with a price that’s more affordable and a car that still carries the insane power you want, but depending upon the number of electric motors used in the EV halo car of Audi the power will be anywhere between 690 and 900 horsepower when it shows up. The future of Audi is at the top of the lineup that we’ll love watching develop.

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