05.01.17 - Toyota TogetherGreen

05.01.17 - Toyota TogetherGreen

It’s not just a pretty tag line or a way to keep those who are deeply committed to environmental protection to leave Toyota alone, this company is truly dedicated to helping to protect and preserve the environment we currently have. This commitment includes environmental improvement strategies as well to create the best way to have the vehicles offered and a planet that continues to thrive and sustain life for many centuries into the future. This cornerstone of the Toyota business plan can be seen in a variety of ways in every facility of Toyota to give use the right way to enjoy what this company is working toward.

With the vehicles offered by this automotive giant, the next generation of fuel efficient vehicles are being developed and more electric and hybrid offerings will be present on the market in the future. This means a more extensive lineup of Prius models than what we currently have on the road along with hybrid and EV models that are part of the SUV market, the hatchback versions and more. We already have Toyota models that operate on hydrogen and only produces water vapor as their exhaust, which certainly doesn’t harm the environment at all.

Every production and logistics facility of Toyota has its own Environmental Management System (EMS), which is a plant that helps to set, measure and attain the goals to improve the environmental performance while reducing the impact on the environment. The US EPA has honored Toyota in the past with ENERGY STAR ratings for their sustained excellence in this area which makes this a company that leads the way with the environment in mind. The ten North American facilities of Toyota have achieved the LLED certification which is awarded by the US Green Building Council to recognize those projects that use strategies which are better for the environment and health.

The commitment to the environment doesn’t stop with the production and logistics facilities. Toyota works with the dealers that are part of their network to help build and encourage green building and working environments. Toyota has also sponsored environment programs including TogetherGreen which was in partnership with the National Audubon Society and the National Public Lands Day with was executed in conjunction with the National Environmental and Education Foundation. These events are just the beginning of the environmental awareness and commitment that Toyota has executed over the years.

When you buy a vehicle, do you think about how environmentally friendly the company is that created the vehicle? If you purchase a Toyota model you will know you’re buying from a company that has a commitment to being better than others and more directly friendly to the world around them. In an effort to protect and improve the environment around us, Toyota leads the way in the automotive world to make it easier for us to have an example of a company that wants to see the world be a better place for future generations.

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